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< Closed > WTS MINT PCA's, KEM Cards (used), Cascade Lane Cards (used) LOWERED PRICES
Time Left: Closed Ad ID Number: 5793 Views: 836
Classified Details
Price: $999,999,999.00
Shipping: Seller will post actual shipping after deal is pending.
Member Info
Posted By: UW85
Location: Pacific NW
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Ad Message
Time to sell a few more things off:

Best to PM me with offers & messages -- I don't like the "make offer system" -- sorry...just being honest. I know me and I'll forget to read them, whereas PM's I stand a much better chance at keeping straight!

1) MINT PCA's -- bought brand new from Jim, oiled & most of these chips have never seen play. The few that did, saw ONE short game. I just don't need the $1 & $5's so time to let someone else enjoy them. Razor sharp, brand new.

400** x $5 = $150/rack + shipping/insur/paypal fee
**ONLY 20 of the $5's are STILL AVAILABLE
400 x $1 = $115/rack + shipping/insur/paypal fee
**ALL SOLD, sorry
Click the image to open in full size.

2) Hooter's RENTON cards. ALL 3 are sealed. Two still have the cellophane wrapping.
3 Decks x $ ?? (no idea) -- I'll wait to hear what I'm offered SOLD

3) Circle Back KEM's, used. $7 per set up/box shipped. A bit less for anyone buying a bunch.
**MAKE me an offer or multi-set buy and I'll be more than nice.
**2 Decks fit ($14) in a small USPS prepaid box ($4) -- let's say $15 SHIPPED to you in the US!

**Want a bunch? 25 set ups (50 decks) fit into a Medium USPS box ($20). Call it $125 SHIPPED

4) Cascade Lane Cards, used, no idea on price -- shoot me a price.

Love to move this stuff out. LMK if you have any questions. I'm NOT on CT during the day normally so be patient. (West coast time)

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.
Comments: 11
Posted By: courage(1)
PCA $5, 04-12-2012 03:11
I wanna buy 5 chips, not racks, lol. Check the couch cushions, you might have some!
Posted By: UW85(0)
04-12-2012 03:27
You're funny courage! ...although I typically order 3 or more of any chip I own, so I'll look to see what I've got for ya.
Posted By: Big Jilm(1)
300 MINT PCA Primary $1, 04-12-2012 03:59
I may take these...after you pick your price.
Posted By: fish72(3)
04-12-2012 04:22
I'll take 2 racks of the $5's. PM coming right up...
Posted By: cgraham86(7)
Tell Courage..., 04-12-2012 04:45
...he can have the 3 chips for $50 each, and he can have the remaining 97 for free.
Posted By: BGinGA(3)
04-12-2012 04:58
I just need a barrel (20 chips) of the PCA $5's -- $40 shipped sound reasonable?
Posted By: rickieconcarne(0)
PCA 1's, 04-12-2012 07:41
Damnit James you beat me to it :P I also may take a rack of these dependent on price but 2 racks would be better...
Posted By: ssanel54(2)
Kems, 04-12-2012 13:07
Pm sent for cards
Posted By: rhodeman77(0)
$5, 04-12-2012 17:36
I'm interested in a rack of the fives.
Posted By: Big Jilm(1)
300 MINT PCA Primary $1, 04-16-2012 16:54
Sorry Rick! I have been waiting for mint primary chips for a long time!! You will find them too. Good luck!
Posted By: rickieconcarne(0)
PCA $1, 04-17-2012 03:36
I sent private messages for 100 of the $1's and not sure if you got them?...

I'm very happy to take em'. Thanks

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