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< Closed > WTS Selling my collection (many, many sets, rare Paulson, BCC...)
Time Left: Closed Ad ID Number: 5770 Views: 3253
Classified Details
Price: $9,999.99
Shipping: Seller will post actual shipping after deal is pending.
Member Info
Posted By: DrJohn
Location: Berlin, Germany
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Ad Message
I am buying a house, and therefore I can use a little money. You have the one time chance to grab some of the most sought after sets out there!


Please contact me BY EMAIL ONLY: fheller [ a t ]
My PN box can only hold 10 messages, it would instantly be full.

I will not split any of the sets. I will ignore any requests to split. If you only want a part of the set, you will have to organize a group buy. I will only deal with one person, and will only ship to one person.

I always include a link to a thread where you can find pictures of the chips. Some sets have been added to by me over time, and have grown larger than you see in the pictures.

They may seem steep, but this is about what I paid for the chips, I am not looking to make any money here.
Prices are for the chips only. Shipping and PayPal fees apply extra. If you live in the Euro zone, payment is in Euros, according to the official exchange rate EUR-USD for the day we agree on the deal.

PayPal preferred

Ambassador Plaza Paulson
727 Chips
5 168
25 200
100 160
500 120
1000 58
USD 2,000.00

Paulson Harbor Lights
(the 1k chips are re-labeled Tropicana Express $1 chips)
460 Chips
100 240
500 120
1000 100
USD 1,000.00

Aruba Caribbean Bud Jones CIC
251 Chips
5 101
25 75
100 75
USD 240.00

Dorado Beach Bud Jones CIC
317 Chips
5 126
25 101
100 90
USD 250.00

Paulson Tukwilas
700 Chips
1 200
5 200
25 180
100 120
USD 1,300.00

BCC Samurai Palace
561 Chips
5 200
25 160
100 120
500 81
USD 500.00

BCC Vier Jahreszeiten
380 chips
5 160
25 160
100 80
USD 220,00

Surfside Casino Texas ChipCos
960 Chips
1 300
5 200
25 200
100 160
500 100
USD 990.00

I am shipping from Germany. Shipping costs vary and depend on the amount of chips you are buying, and your location, of course. I always ship with tracking and insurance up to 500 Euros within Germany and Europe.
If you live outside the EU, then insurance up to 500 Euros (about USD 650) will cost extra - about USD 130. Shipping outside the EU without insurance, but with tracking, depends on the amount of chips, and will cost somewhere between 60 and 100 dollars.
If you need insurance of more than 500 Euros / USD 650, then I would have to ship with UPS, for example, which costs a lot (!) more than the above options.
Comments: 21
Posted By: tastic(10)
EPIC SALE!, 04-07-2012 17:55
Good luck with the sales and the home buying, Frank! No one need hesitate to deal with DrJohn if there are newer North American members concerned about buying from overseas,
Posted By: smux3(2)
Condado Beach, 04-07-2012 18:36
I would be interested in the $500s (some or all) if someone wants the rest of the set..
Posted By: DrJohn(1)
04-07-2012 19:36
Deal pending on the PNY set.
Posted By: meatboy(1)
04-07-2012 20:20
GB interest thread for the Condados here:
Posted By: shaboo(2)
Good luck ..., 04-07-2012 21:49
... with your sale, Frank! And congrats to whoever grabbed the PNY set! At $1.8k this is an absolute steal. Going rate for these must be about $3k ...
Posted By: KingMedicine(0)
Honestly..., 04-07-2012 23:06
.. i feel honored just to get to see these sets in one group... God, what i would do to get those vineyards
Posted By: DrJohn(1)
04-08-2012 07:43
the Condados are now reserved for the group buy
Posted By: Viper(1)
04-08-2012 11:19
Interested in the Paulson Vineyards. Can't seem to send an email to you via the link. Would you kindly email me @ pls. Thanks.
Posted By: DrJohn(1)
Viper,, 04-08-2012 12:12
I sent you an email to the specified address
Posted By: fish72(3)
04-08-2012 19:38
These are amazing. I'm in awe.
Posted By: meatboy(1)
04-09-2012 18:05
money sent for the Condados!
Posted By: DrJohn(1)
Condados and PNY, 04-10-2012 11:53
have been sold
Posted By: fish72(3)
04-12-2012 18:33
Group Buy started for the Ambassador Plaza's. See Group Buy Forum.
Posted By: DrJohn(1)
Vineyards and Crystal Parks, 04-13-2012 04:12
both sold
Posted By: DrJohn(1)
Harbor Lights Link, 04-16-2012 16:01
now leads to pictures showing the 1k chips as well
Posted By: DrJohn(1)
sale pending for, 05-09-2012 04:13
Posted By: <į)))><)(1)
Ambassador Plazza's, 05-20-2012 14:12
Group buy still active here:
Posted By: legend(4)
05-28-2012 13:23
what is the stautus of the Olivias ? i need $5's and $25's if the pending guy needs some help
Posted By: DrJohn(1)
the Olivia's are all pretty much gone, 05-28-2012 13:44
- just waiting for the last installment of the payment
Posted By: legend(4)
05-28-2012 14:35
pass it along, if he needs help with the bread. i could take 20 of the $5's and 20or 40 of the $25's. thanks for all the wonderful photos. You are Top Gun with the camera around here.
Posted By: bentax1978(0)
09-22-2012 14:38
Payment sent for the Aruba Palm Beach chips

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