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Your first experience as a tourney or cash player

Discussion in 'Poker Stories and Bad Beats' started by Mojo1312, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Mojo1312

    Mojo1312 Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2012
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    At the beach
    I met a couple of seasoned tourney players in a bar league four years ago. Up until then, I had only played in cash games. We became friends after two or three weeks of playing together. They invited me to a multi table tournament hosted by a non profit organization a half an hour from where I lived. The buy-in was $55, 25% of which went to the organization.

    The hall with all the poker tables and people milling about looked pretty impressive. They had 54 players. My friend was in fourth place on the leaderboard. I wanted to show them that I could hang by making the final table.

    I ran into a situation early in the tournament where I had to fold or put a lot of my chips at risk based on what I felt was a bluff. I don't remember what I had, but I felt the other player was trying to scare me off of my hand by having me believe that he had the straight.

    I had one of the biggest chip stacks in the room going into the break. We were down to around 30 players when there was a big commotion at the other table. They had had a three way all-in. The person who initially shoved had pocket queens, one of the players acting after her called with A,K, and another player called with A,9. The board ran out XXAX with a 9 on the end. The worst hand won, giving that player a monster chip stack.

    We got down to 16 players, and I had K,J off-suit in relatively late position. I think maybe the cut-off. I had been running absolutely card dead since we consolidated tables. At this point, the blinds were pretty aggressive. I still had a relatively healthy stack, but I knew this would change quickly if I didn't pick up a pot. I limped in, and Mr. A,9 in the BB popped the pot with a raise. Everyone folded to me, and I decided to go all-in.

    I knew I was in dangerous territory, but I also knew that my fold equity was diminishing every round. I felt this was my best chance to double up and pick up the dead money already on the table. The incidental benefit of getting my money in, is that I would put a significant dent into the chip leader if my hand went to showdown and won. Mr. A,9 called. I flipped over my cards, and he flipped over A,7. I got lucky by hitting my Jack on the flop. I managed to fade the Ace to win the pot.

    I made the final table with one of my friends. (The one whose name was on the leaderboard had busted out half-way through the tournament.) I finished in seventh (the bubble) after moving all-in pre-flop with pocket tens. My friend took 6th place.

    The experience was pretty exhilarating. I played there four more times that Summer, making the final table twice. (ninth place and third place) I stopped playing because I felt the 25% rake made the game unwinnable.
  2. JeromyinWV

    JeromyinWV ChipTalk.net Supporter

    Sep 25, 2006
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    I had to go to Akron for work and drove from there to the Seneca Allegheny Casino which was one of the closest non riverboat casinos at the time. I bought in for $100 around 8pm and cashed out at 4am at $730. I thought I was a poker king. Second night, not so much. Most memorable hand was when TV Tommy with his headset and and sunglasses kept running his mouth got felted. He called out of turn and I had QQ and I decided not to raise to keep him in the hand. I flopped trips and turned a boat. I was check calling until the river when he shoved and I called. He kept saying how he couldn't believe that I just called pre-flop. It was his fault. He bought back in and kept running his mouth. His buddy joined the table and was untangling the cords on his iPod before he took his seat and posted instead of waiting. I looked down to see pocket aces and made a small 3BB raise to $6. It got to Tommy's friend and he went all in for his $200 buy-in. I called and with him still standing he emphatically flipped his cards over and slammed them on the table saying "pocket kings". Making fun of him I did the same saying "pocket aces"! He was not happy and lost. Apparently Tommy owed him some money and after a "heated" discussion between the 2, Tommy had to cash out to pay the man his money and could not come back to the table for 2 hours because it was all the money he had and he could not buy in for less than he left with before 2 hours. His friend was later in one of the craziest hands that I've ever seen at a table I was at. 3 people had pocket pairs and there was a lot of betting pre including a few other people. Flop was Q, 10, 8 and betting went crazy bet, raise, re-raise all in with 2 callers. Pot was around $1,300. All 3 flopped trips. Somebody hit quad 10's (turn I think) then the dealer almost shoved the split pot to the wrong person but was caught before they got to his chip stack.
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