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Weird cash games

Discussion in 'Dealer's Choice Games' started by Boomaholic, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Boomaholic

    Boomaholic Well-Known Member

    Jun 17, 2008
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    Modesto, CA
    Played .05/.10 Dealers Choice cash game last night, first for my group. I have no idea if some of these are just made up games my friends thought of, but i'll describe them b/c while crazy and wierd we had alot of fun last night (i walked out fairly positive after going out early in the tournament).

    Pass The Trash?? -- Limit game. ante, seven card hand, bet round, pass two cards to the player to left. bet round, one card to right, bet round, show down best 5 card hand

    Superhold'em-- played pot limit with this, 3 card hand instead of 2 play any variation of cards via hole and community

    Stud/hold'em-- delt 2 cards down, 1 card up. w/ community board. play any variation of cards.

    one of the crazier hands was we played hold'em but with two boards... so preflop play. put out two flops, one bet round, two turns, one bet round, two rivers, one bet round.. basically more than likly a chop pot game, b/c of two boards but my J7 caught the best with two pair on the turn and OE w/ flush draw on the turn via the other board, which i hit on the river scooping me the entire pot.

    we also played Pineapple and basic HORSE games too, 5 draw and 5 draw 2-7 lowball. Have a feeling DC will become more commen as the weeks roll on. i need some more games to teach people lol gimmie some fun ones if you got em.
  2. wafflestomper

    wafflestomper Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2007
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    Richmond, VA
    I don't know what this is called either, but it is a mixture of Stud & Hold Em with 2 boards as well.

    One board (designated before the hand begins) is the good one, and the other one is the bad one.

    Everyone is dealt 4 or 5 cards (I can't recall). You deal the flop on both boards. If a card on the "bad board" matches on of the cards in your hand, you have to throw away the card in your hand. Continue with turn and river. You then play whatever cards are left in your hand with the cards from the good board.

    Kind of a luck shoot, but can be fun.

    If someone knows the name of this (or can clarify anything I messed up) please let us know. I played it one night 9 months ago, so I could be wrong about a few things...
  3. abby99

    abby99 Admin / Chip Magpie
    Staff Member Lifetime Supporter

    Nov 13, 2006
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    I've played Omaha (high only) with two boards, which I first encountered in a mixed game at Harrah's LV. Betting, two flops, betting, two turns, betting, two rivers, betting. The mixed game was played limit for everything, but this also works well as a pot-limit or no-limit game.

    The usual Omaha rules apply, including playing two from the hand and three from the board. You can play different hole cards on each of the two boards. Most pots were split, but quite a few were scooped. Everybody liked this game, and at one point we stopped the rotation and agreed to play this for about an hour before breaking the game.
  4. luckychick

    luckychick Creativity Alliance

    Sep 12, 2005
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    Pass-the-trash is also known as Anaconda, and has been a favourite in a couple of home games I played in.

    By far the strangest game I have played was made up by statisticians, called "Least Squares Difference"; I described it in this thread. There are some other poker variants in there too.

    Another fun stud one is called "Roll your own". Five card stud, but first three cards are dealt down, and you choose which one to show. Your down card is wild. Each subsequent card is also dealt down, and each time you get to chose which one to roll over.

    Oct 3, 2007
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    Looking for a cure for CF www.cff.org
    $20.00 buy in...the guys like to play 7stud hi low declare.
    betting $1.00 max 3 raise max per rd.
    If your in after the 6th card and you loose you have to MATCH THE POT! (you can fold at this point without matching the pot-highest hand showing starts the betting)
    after the 7th card is dealt and the betting round..you then chip declare
    1 chip in hand -LOW 2 chips in hand-HIGH 3 chips in hand BOTH WAYS.
    They play the best low is A-2-3-4-6.
    The catch is you don't need a low hand to "declare" low. If your the only player declaring one way you win half the pot plus 1/2 of the other pots the loosing players have to match.
    Avg pot is around $40.00 but they ***** when I play $2-$4-$6-$8 HOLD 'EM.

    Another game (mostly luck) is called "cow screw"
    played as best 5 cards. All cards dealt down. 7 total cards.
    Each player is dealt 4 cards. A rd of betting. Then $1.00 to get your next card. A rd of betting...then $1.00 to get you next card. Then after your 7th card a round of betting $1.50 max. Then the dealer flips over top card on deck this is the "splitter card". So if the dealer flip a 4 of clubs then the guy with the lowest club in his hand gets half the pot and the best high hand gets the other half.
    I refuse to play this game anymore since I started A-A-2-2 with half of the possible splitters and a strong 2 pair and didn't get once cent!

    BUT my favorite DC wild card game is called 'NUTS" deal like 3 down cards to everyone. It's roll your own with low hold wild and all like it. Also 2's 7's and one eyed jacks are wild. The queen of spades is wild if she is kept down. YOU CAN ROLL THE QUEEN OF SPADES AT ANY TIME AND KILL THE HAND. High spade in the hole gets 1/2 the pot. So you could keep your queen of spades hidden (also wild) until the 7th card is dealt and if you don't have 5 aces at that point it's a good idea to kill it. The remainig players re-ante and you deal again.
  6. chipandachair

    chipandachair Well-Known Member

    Aug 18, 2005
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    Pass the trash sounds like fun. Good thing the limits were low.:wink:
  7. pokerplayingpisces

    pokerplayingpisces Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
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    Mile High City, CO
    Those type of games can be lots of fun. More social, If I get lucky I might win a few bucks. My friends and I have started doing a dealer's choice game like this after our league game on Sunday night. Lots of fun, a good way of breaking the routine of playing Hold'em all the time. You have to try the Omaha with two boards, you get lots of crazy action with that game.:cool:
  8. rowlin

    rowlin Faux Clay Nation

    Mar 8, 2006
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    Pacific Northwest
  9. Stevo

    Stevo Well-Known Member

    Mar 22, 2005
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    Pass the trash, screw your neighbor and anaconda. We usually play with 3 rounds of passing. Get cards, bet. Pass 3. Bet. Pass 2. Bet. Pass 1. Fold, er, bet. Game is played hi/lo with chip declare at the end.

    My friends don't love it, but it makes for huge pots when folks think their nut flush is going to win.

    We play a bunch of stuff, some of it made up.

    6 card stud - 1 down, 4 up, 1 down with a "buy one at the end" for $.50 for an up card and $1 for a down or something like that is also a great game.

    We also play a lot of 7 stud hi/lo, roll your own with chip declare at the end. That's a nice game. Basically you get 3 down and everyone flips one up after looking. Get another down. Flip one up and so on to the final street which stays down. Then everyone frantically looks at everyone's up cards and tries to figure out which way to go - God I love the guys I play with...
  10. omar

    omar Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2005
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    NW Arkansas
    Basically hi-lo hold 'em with a declare. Deal 3 down cards to each player. Each player discards one. PF bet. Flop, bet, turn, bet, river, bet. No limit or limit, whatever you like. Declare with zero, 1 or 2 chips (trying to win both the hi & lo - have to win both outright -straights & flushes don't count against you for the low).
  11. rakrul

    rakrul Well-Known Member

    Apr 1, 2007
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    Oslo, Norway
    Omaha hi/lo, double flop, eights are wild. Presto - everyone wins!:wink:

    In Riga (Estonia) they had dealer's choice with PLO, HE, pineapple, crazy pineapple and stud. No point in drinking there. It usually was PLO though.
  12. jamby

    jamby Creativity Alliance

    Oct 9, 2005
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    high, low & in between
    The best pineapple variation ever was invented at the Lone Star Roundup - Thermonuclear Armageddon Pineapple. It's like crazy pineapple, but with five cards instead of three. You discard one after the flop, another after the turn and the last after the river card. Of course, it's played no-limit. Nuttiest game I've ever played.
  13. Captn_All_In

    Captn_All_In Creativity Alliance

    Mar 22, 2005
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    That game is called "Cowboys and Indians" in the garage; Cowboys play in your hand, Indians make you lose cards; then there is a high hand (Cowboy side) and a low hand (indian side) that splits the pot. And you have to have cards left to still be in the hand. There are 2 guys who call this game in the garage they their versions are a little bit different: when 1 guy calls it you start with 4 cards and it play as normal, then in the other version you start with 2 cards and if you lose both cards you can buy a new card for $1 (which is big moola in some of these games).

    Back to the OP....

    Pass the Trash was my favorite game back when AOL used to have Play Chip Poker!
  14. niko421

    niko421 Member

    Dec 18, 2006
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    In my Dc cash game, we play a lot of "Courchevel". it's a five card omaha but you deal the first card of the flop before first betting round. after you burn card dela the 2 others cards to have flop, turn and river. It's played in pot limit. This a great degen game.
    There is also "crazy pharaon" You deal 3 cards to each player. and the flop structure is 3 lines.
    line one 1 card line two 2 cards and *3 cards on the third line.
    you deal turn/river for each line. so at the end you have a 3 card, a four card and a five card flop.
    You make the hand with 0/1/2 or 3 cards of your hand and you have to win 2 lines to scoop the pot (the only time you chop is when 3 players win 1 line each.) If there is a tie each player win 2 line (normally 1 line and a tie) 1 line is stronger,then 2e line and third.
    This is played NO limit

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