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Wal-Mart Poker Table Review

Discussion in 'Poker Gear Reviews' started by Niagara_All_In, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Niagara_All_In

    Niagara_All_In Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2005
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    Manufacturer: Not 100% sure of the company that actually makes this table.
    Retailer(s): Wal-Mart
    Average Price: $99.99 Canadian
    Material: Felt, Foam, Wood, Pleather
    Member Review by: Niagara_All_In
    I used to own one of the folding tables with the shallow cup holders and chip racks. That was fine while I used it as I could store it when not in use and it was better then just a table cloth or poker layout felt. Well, one day when I was shopping at Wal-Mart I saw this poker table and decided for the price I just had to try it out. Here's my finding and a review on it. ​
    When it first came out they had them for $149.95 Canadian. Now they are $99.95 Canadian. This is one of the best tables you can get for the price, in my opinion. I am not sure if these are available in the US as I dont make it over the border that much these days but I can't see why it would not be. (Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart is it not?)​
    The table itself is soft and has about a half inch of foam padding under the felt. The Rail could be thicker but is about 2-3 inches thick and the foam is covered in Nylon/Pleather material.

    Stacking chips is sometimes a pain depending on how high you want to make the stacks. If they are not stacked straight up they will tilt due to the amount of padding under the felt. In my home games we don't have a problem as most of the players stack their chips no more than 25 high.

    The Sound that the chips make on this table compared to the folding table that we used to use is a lot nicer. The sound of the chips is softer and almost graceful, unlike the old table that was just wood and a piece of felt.​
    The Table looks great. It doesn't look like the hold-em tables you can get from some of the poker sites by all means but its also not $299+ USD.

    The Table seats 10 people (you could probably fit more but it only has 10 cup holders) and is approx. 43 inches by 79 inches with the felt being approx 33 inches by 72 inches. It comes with folding legs so you can fold it up for storage (I took these off so I could just rest it on the dinning room table). It has a full felt top but you could easily build a racetrack for it if you wanted to and comes with a padded rail.

    The Cup holders are deep enough that cans, beer bottles or cups will not tip over if the table is bumped into (unlike the very shallow holders on the folding tables), They are just over an inch and a half deep. They also just pop right out for very easy cleaning and are the standard size so if you wanted to you could replace them with a custom holder or ones with deeper pockets.​
    My table has had pop, beer, wine, wine coolers, water and juice spills and there are no stains to show for it. The table cleaned up better then I expected and when it was dry I was shocked to see no stains. The folding legs that the table comes with are very strong and look like they would hold up to a lot of abuse.

    The felt did ball up after 2 months of use (every day or 2) but with a felt brush and an electric lint remover its like new again.

    With the legs that it comes with you could get 2-3 people to stand on the table with no ill effects. The table is well constructed for a "Cheap" table.​
    Reviewers Comments
    Where can you get a table (besides maybe making one) that looks great, holds up to spills and seats 10 for under $100 Canadian? I will be picking up more of these so that when we have our multi table games the other players don't have to use the folding table anymore. Now all of the players at my home games can play with a little more class lol. I do plan on getting a logo in the middle of the table to make it more original but I am just waiting to see what would be better (silk screen or air brush). The Table itself is about 30 pounds I would say and with the legs on it around 40Lbs. As I said I removed the legs and just rest it on the dinning table.​
    The table came in just a box with this label on it.


    Here is just a picture of the table on top of my dinner table.


    Here are two pictures of the table with chips on them. If you look at the second you can see how the table indents with the weight of the chips. The chips are stacked 60 high in the second picture.


    Here is a pic of the legs that I took off of the table.

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