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Straight Poker Supplies Folding Table Review by synistyr

Discussion in 'Poker Gear Reviews' started by synistyr, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. synistyr

    synistyr Member

    Jan 26, 2008
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    <center>[SIZE=+1]Straight Poker Supplies 10 Player Folding Table Review[/SIZE]
    by synistyr </center>

    Manufacturer: Somewhere in China
    Retailer: Straight Poker Supplies - Canada's #1 Online Poker Super Store !!!
    Price: Paid $269.99CAD incl shipping in Canada, $189.99 pickup price in Toronto + taxes
    Material: 1/2" wood (particle) with vinyl rails, plastic cup holders, plastic/wood laminate sheet on the button and metal legs and frame. Dark blue felt, green also available.

    • Foldable
    • Seats 10
    • Metal Frame
    • Includes a dust cover

    • Heavy! like 45kilos! (100lbs!)
    • Felt is not so great
    • Cover shows a bit of wear and tear from shipping
    • Doesn't fit in my trunk

    While the felt is not that great, it's also not bad. It's the standard stuff the comes all pretty much all budget tables. You might be able to re-surface the table with your own felt or speed cloth I think, but I don't know what unscrewing everything would do to the table itself since it's not plywood. Cards can slide across the surface, with a bit of work.

    The padding underneath the playing surface is thin, but not mushy. No problems stacking cheapo plastic 10g chips to a height of 30 without any leaning.

    The rail is a decent fake leather, decent amount of padding, 3/4" foam.


    I think the table looks pretty good for a folding table. The legs are black, and so is the railing. I chose the blue felt, which ended up being much darker than I expected compared to the online picture. The black metal legs go well with the black railing. The bottom of the table is covered in a black plastic/veneer paper.

    The cup holders are sturdy basic plastic, not that deep but they will hold a can or bottle well. The diameter is just a bit too small to fit a martini or wine glass. You could probably replace the black plastic cup holders with shiny metal ones if you could find any that shallow.

    The cup holders are 1 1/4" deep, 3" in diameter. (they are advertised as 2" deep)
    (Closeup of where the cupholder sits)

    Can't speak to the durability yet, since I just got it. But the table is made from heavy 1/2" thick particle board. The legs and frame are metal. I don't think the table will sag unless it gets damaged.

    I would have liked some way to lock the legs open and the table flat if you happen to be flipping it for whatever reason.

    I wouldn't conceive a baby on the table, but it should hold up quite well to casual games.

    Reviewers Comments

    This is the smallest folding 10 person table you're probably going to find. The price is decent and the table seems well constructed (for what it is).

    If you can create some space for a full size table, but don't need it 100% of the time, or a table that's protable, then this is it. Un-folded it's 84" long and 42" wide.

    Charly at Straight Poker seems pretty good to deal with and answers all your questions.

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