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St. Joseph Frontier Paulson Casino Chip by notsponsored

Discussion in 'Poker Chip Reviews' started by notsponsored, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. notsponsored

    notsponsored Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2007
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    St. Joseph Frontier - Paulson casino chips

    by notsponsored

    Manufacturer: Paulson<o>
    Retailer(s): TheChipRoom.com
    Average Price: $1-$3 [depending on denomination, quality, and quantity]
    Material: Clay

    The ChipRoom acquired and sold both the primary and secondary/backup chips issued for The St. Jo Frontier Casino [was located in St. Jo, Missouri].<o></o> The primary chips were used in the casino and often show their use and don't have sharp edges anymore. The secondary chips are seen more often with their factory fresh sharp edges and appear to be unused. Both series of chips have been hotstamped [to cancel the chips per Missouri gaming regulations], but most collectors and chip set owners have removed them.
    · Paulson casino chip grade<o></o>
    · TH&C mold<o></o>
    · Depending on the denom you have hotstamp [50¢], a standard sized inlay [$1, $25, & $100], or a giant inlay [$5]<o></o>
    · 1st [primary] and 2nd [secondary/backup] chips can be combined<o></o>
    · Price is quite cheap for a Paulson casino chip

    · Cancellation hotstamps on one side of chips [can be removed]
    · Cracked chips due to hotstamping process<o></o>
    · </o>Higher denoms in good quality are hard to find <o>

    The primary chips are mostly traded for 75¢ [for the $1 chip] and up to $3 [for the $100s]. The secondary chips from $1-$3.<o></o>
    The feel of these chips is really good and are casino grade. I would compare them to the TH&C Paulsons, but a little bit harder. I love the TH&C, because they are quite soft, but the St. Jo's chips are even better. Even though the majority of these chips are cracked [due to hotstamping], it really doesn't affect the feel or playability of them.<o></o>
    No problems. You can stack these up to the clouds, they stack like bricks.
    Call me whatever, but I prefer the sound of the 25$ chip of the prim. and the 5$ chip of the prim. They have the best sound. Exspecially the 25$ chip! The rest sounds also very, very good.<o></o>
    I do not know of another casino set that includes a hotstamped chip, chips with standard-sized inlays, and a giant inlay for the price.<o></o>
    Hold them under a black light and you can see the Paulson security features.
    Durability is obviously not going to be a problem with these chips. After going through the hotstamp process and being used in the casino, these chips are sure to hold up for quite some time and last for years to come.
    Reviewers Comments
    It took me quite a while to finish my set. I personally put the secondary $1 and $5 chips together with the $25 and $100 primary chips because I prefer the way that they look.<o></o>
    Additional Pictures
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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