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Special Pricing Ends Today!

Discussion in 'GameOnChipCompany.com Offers' started by GameOnChipCompany, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. GameOnChipCompany

    GameOnChipCompany Gold Sponsor

    Aug 28, 2013
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    Yarmouth, Maine, USA
    The special September sale price of 59¢ per 39mm chip ends today at 3:30 EDT. If you've been thinking about getting a ceramic set this is your chance to get them at a great price!

    Here are the details from the original post:

    Game On Chip Company (GOCC) is having a "Nice to Meet You” sale now through September 30th for all CHIPTALK members. We are offering 39mm custom chips at 59¢ each. These chips can be printed all the way to the edge or can have the customary “CHIPCO” ring on the outside.

    Chip design work is available for $25 an hour for this September special only (Regularly $35). If you supply the finished design we will apply any color correction needs at no additional cost to you. Design alterations to make the provided files print properly may incur an additional charge.

    We will offer lineup edge spots for an additional 10¢ each.

    Our 250 chip minimum will apply.

    These prices only last until September 30th! Place your order today before time runs out. Email chiptalk@gameoncc.com to place your order.
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