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Sopranos Striped Composite Chip Review

Discussion in 'Poker Chip Reviews' started by Apotome, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Apotome

    Apotome Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2005
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    Manufacturer: Unknown/Made in China
    Average Price: 16 cents per chip
    Material: Composite Resin
    Member Review by: Apotome
    These chips are often seen advertised as the 'Sopranos' chips, based on the fact that they were used by the HBO show during some of the poker scenes. They are also sometimes just called 'six-stripe' chips, based on the edge spot design that is 3 sets of 2 thin stripes spaced equidistant from each other on the face of the chips. I believe the design used on these chips is based on the Langworthy design as shown on this page.​
    It's hard to complain about the price of these chips. They should be within the budget for most people looking for a starter set or a set to hold you over until you commit to your own customs. Now that the 10g version of this chip has arrived on the market it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye out for deals on the 8.5g version. However, 10 cents per chip price at 5StarDeal or the similar price at ChipsandGames.com are already pretty good deals. These chips are only slightly more expensive than the Super Diamonds or the 10g faux clay with dice mold. But for that extra 5 - 10 cents per chip I think you are getting a slightly richer looking design. Obviously, these are priced miles below clay or ceramic customs and for that savings you will have to give up some significant features, as I've noted below.​
    Of course these chips aren't 'clay' nor are they ceramic. The feel you get from them is not like either of those two materials. The 'composite resin' material (i.e. plastic) from which they're made does give them just a hint of a plastic feel. The material actually reminds of a bit of Fimo or Sculpy brand polymer clay; the type of material you can use to make clay-like jewelry that you bake in your oven at home. The actual surface of the chips is a slightly matte finish and not what I would call 'shiny'. Right out of the box they actually had a slightly tacky feel to them. In other words, they didn't slide easily against each other nor shuffle well. They seemed to wear in a bit after some handling. See below for more on durability. The chips I bought are all 8.5 grams. I weighed several and verified that they are all pretty close to this weight. While this isn't 10g casino weight I have recently seen the same chip (same colors/same design etc.) advertised at the full 10g weight. It sounds as though they've increased the weight but not really changed any other features of the chip, so if you think you'd enjoy the chips based on this review chances are you would probably enjoy the heavier ones even more. This review then is about the lighter ones, not the newer ones. And to be honest, when I held one of these in my hand with a real casino chip in the other I had trouble telling the difference. Maybe other people can distinguish 1.5 grams but I just can't. So for a middle-of-the-road home set the 8.5 gram weight is probably fine.​
    I am able to easily stack and slide 30 - 40 of these chips. There were no spinners at all in my initial order of 300 from 5StarDeal.com. In fact, these chips seem perfectly flat and round. It is also easy to pinch a stack of 25 chips between my thumb and middle finger and move them without having the stack disintegrate. The edges are crisp with only hints of some extra material from the molds. I found it easy to shave off this extra material with just a fingernail. The edges are square and well-formed. Every chip I have tried sits up perfectly vertical when put on edge. Tall stacks of the chips are nicely stable and show no signs of irregularities in chip shape.​
    Possibly the best feature of these chips is that they have no metal insert and therefore no 'clinking' sound when stacked. As well, the resin from which they're made seems to give them a slightly clay sound, more so than a ceramic sound. They have a distinctive 'tick tick tick' sound when you stack them that is unlike either of the more expensive materials. Since they have a flush center the sound is also slightly duller and has more of a 'thud' than a '*****' sound. I don't mind the quality of the sound from these chips. Sure, I wish it was a lighter crisper sound, but on the other hand it gives them a uniqueness that you will enjoy. And it's miles ahead of the clanking of cheap dice chips.​
    How a chip looks is entirely subjective but for what it's worth I feel these chips have a simple classic elegance to them. In fact, I've seen them used on a couple of different websites and in a book or two as background artwork. In other words, they have a look to them that says, "poker chips". The design itself (by which name they are often known) has six edge spots or stripes. This is also one of the limitations of this chip. The stripes on these chips are all white, with the sole exception of the white chip that has blue stripes. This isn't a bad thing in-and-of-itself but does result in stacks of these chips being a bit bland and not nearly as colorful as chips with more exciting edge spots. That said, the edge stripes/spots on these chips are very consistent with razor sharp lines. As well, the inner recessed circle (between the outer border and the center of the chip) has a dashed line motif that works well with the rest of the chip design. On the edges of the chips (where you see the ‘spot’ part of the stripes) there is slightly more variation in the quality. There are tiny overlapped areas where the body color obscures the spot color but I found this added at least some character to the chips.

    For my initial set of 300 I ordered the standard colors usually associated with the four lowest denominations. So I got white, red, green and black chips. The colors are sharp and vibrant with no hint of the stripe colors bleeding into the main color. This is even true of the white chip. I could find no cases of the blue stripes bleeding into the white body of those chips. There are a few chips that exhibit a bit of color streaking (almost as though the dye wasn't perfectly mixed) but these are really not an issue. If anything the high quality and uniformity of the chips made them almost too much alike. I would have almost preferred a few irregular pressings just to add character to the set, but that's just me. The overall 'look' of these chips is quite handsome. They aren't flashy but at the same time they aren't trendy either. They have a classic motif that will age well. If you like them at first, they will probably remain appealing for a long time. Note that some sites selling these chips offer as many as 17 different colors, though most list just seven basic colors: white, blue, red, green, black, grey and purple.​
    Obviously unless you get these hotstamped they offer little in the way of security. The only reason I didn't rate them as a zero is that because this chip isn't the most common one out there you might have limited security based solely on the fact that few of your fellow players have bought them. Since the centers are not recessed it's probably not a wise idea to plan on putting labels on these chips. However, it's interesting to note that the movie 'The Cooler' staring William H. Macy did exactly that. These chips were used to create a custom set for the fictional Shangri-La Casino.​
    In order to break in my chips I have spent a few hours handling them in as rough a manner as possible. I have repeatedly stacked and unstacked chips. I have scattered them into piles and swirled my hands over them. I have taken handfuls of chips and simply reshuffled them over and again in my hands. I have deliberately scraped the edge of one chip against the surface of another. And so on. What was the result from all this abuse? Few if any lasting marks and only a hint of white scuffing. For some reason the green chips do tend to show this wear a bit more than the other colors but even then you really have to look for it. It's my feeling that these chips are likely to hold up well under normal usage.​
    Reviewers Comments - Overall Rating
    It's probably clear by now that I'm fond of these chips. Are they perfect? No, far from it. Are they good value for the money? Yes, most definitely. Why would someone buy these chips? I think they make an excellent 'hold over' set until you've designed and saved for your clay or ceramic customs. I initially only ordered 300 chips as I wasn't 100% sure this was what I wanted for now. However, after enjoying them for several weeks I went ahead and bought 200 more privately from another member of ChipTalk.net. I think this now 500-piece set will suit me just fine as I plan for something bigger and better.
    Chip Pictures
    There isn't a huge amount of detail to capture in these chips. So I have limited the photos to just three. First is 300 chips in my wooden chip case. Second, is a wide shot of several stacks of chips. Finally, a close-up of a few of the stacks to better show the stripes and edges of the chips themselves.

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  2. Captn_All_In

    Captn_All_In Creativity Alliance

    Mar 22, 2005
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    Re: Sopranos Striped Composite Chip

    10g Soprano Clay Chips
    Purchased from: http://www.5stardeal.com or http://www.discountcasinogear.com
    Price Paid: .075¢-.08¢ each

    This is another inexpensive chip, but well worth it in my opinion. I traded for some of these when I first came to Chiptalk and after feeling them decided they would become my cash set; they have been a perfect fit ever since!

    • Weight: 10g
    • Feel: The softness of these is very nice
    • Stacking: stacks of 20 high are very stable, 30-40 become wobbly, but nothing terrible
    • Sound: these sound very good, but it is not the same as a “real” clay chip- more of a clap than a clack
    • Price: very reasonable for an edge spotted chip
    • Few color choices- the lack of variety is somewhat disheartening
    • Lack of variety in edge spots- the all white is a little boring at times
    • Mold- this chip with a recessed center would have been killer!
    • The White Chip- for some reason the white chip with blue spots feels nothing like the other colors in this same weight of chip. They are much harder, more slippery, and the edges are extremely sharp! Avoid these if possible.
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  3. tikipirate

    tikipirate Faux Clay Nation

    Sep 9, 2006
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    Re: Sopranos Striped Composite Chip

    10g Soprano Clay Chips
    Purchased from: http://www.5stardeal.com
    Price Paid: .09¢ each

    After doing my homework here on CT, I knew I didn't want an 11.5 dice clone, but I still wanted a nice chip. For my price range, these were ideal. The currently make up my "nice" tourney set with my FCs being my "beater" chips. I went with Red/Green/Blue/Black and couldn't have been happier.

    • Great look, feel and sound. Graphics are simple yet classy.
    • "Sopranos" tie in. I'm not a fan of the show, but some guys really liked them because apparantly they were featured on the show.
    • Affordable
    • The purple chip is nigh on impossible to find. Furthermore, apparantly the black and purple are almost indestinguishable (Blue and Black can be hard to distinguish as well). As noted above the white chip also has problems. This really limits color choices, I would go with a four color set.
    • They seem prone to scratching/wear. This isn't bad, but don't expect Faux Clay like durability.
  4. checkm8r

    checkm8r Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2005
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    Re: Sopranos Striped Composite Chip

    Sopranos Striped Composite Chip
    Purchased from: http://www.discountcasinogear.com
    Price Paid: .08¢ each

    Sopranos 10-gram chips make an ideal low-end set. They handle, feel, and sound great for a low-end chip, and they're a not as cheap-looking as some of their competition.

    • Low cost
    • Excellent weight (10-gram versions only) with no metal insert
    • Chips handle, stack, grip and sound excellent
    • Edge-stripes help keep the chip from looking plain & cheap
    • Soft, hockey-puck-like composition
    • Limited number of colors available
    • Not enough color-contrast between Blue, Black, and Purple (especially in low light)
    • Chips all have the same, white-colored edgespots (except the white chip)

  5. links_slayer

    links_slayer Master of the 3-Putt Par
    Lifetime Supporter

    Dec 28, 2006
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    Madison, WI
    Re: Sopranos Striped Composite Chip

    Sopranos Striped Composite Chip
    Purchased from: Casino Supplies, Gambling Supplies, Gaming Supplies – Discount Casino Gear
    Price Paid: $0.0757 per chip + shipping
    I recently purchased a 400 chip set of Sopranos six-striped chips. I purchased the following quantities and colors:

    175 x Yellow
    175 x Orange
    75 x Grey
    25 x Blue

    • Cost: At just under 8 cents per chip, the price is hard to beat. Make sure you buy enough of them to make shipping worth its cost.
    • Feel: These chips feel great! They are right around 10 grams, which puts them in the same range as most casino chips.
    • Sound: As these chips have NO metal insert, these chips sound very nice. The sound these chips make when shuffling is very similar to the Dunes Replica chips.
    • Stacking: Stacking chips higher than 20 chips has never been a concern for me. These chips can easily stack 20 high with no problem whatsoever.
    • Security: The low cost of these chips makes them very affordable and the lack of a recessed area makes it difficult to label. Someone could easily sneak one of these into your cash game.
    • Edgepots: A lot of my edgespots were less than perfect. It seems like some of the plastic is worn off or very dirty. I could not wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth, which leads me to believe I will never get it clean.
    • Color Availability: Green Sopranos seem to be out of stock. This could cause a problem as many people use Green chips as T25 chips in their tourneys and/or $25 chips in their cash games. It is my assumption that this is only temporary and they will be back in stock relatively soon.
  6. coachdubya

    coachdubya New Member

    Dec 16, 2008
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    About to order a set of Sopranos as a starter set. Has anybody ordered whites recently? Saw the comments regarding the whites and was wondering if the issues brought up in 12/06 were still prevelant.

    Appreciate all the info posted.
  7. assafg17

    assafg17 Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2009
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    will they take custom labels?
  8. SoDamnRed

    SoDamnRed Well-Known Member

    Apr 14, 2009
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    Laval, Quebec
    "Since the centers are not recessed it's probably not a wise idea to plan on putting labels on these chips."

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