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Settling the question of who's best

Discussion in 'Poker Stories and Bad Beats' started by Mojo1312, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Mojo1312

    Mojo1312 Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2012
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    At the beach
    I had the opportunity to reconnect with a couple of buddies that played in the poker league I hosted this past week. We had a few drinks and shared a few appetizers while reliving our favorite poker memories and catching up on each others lives.

    They introduced me to tournament poker.

    One of them is highly competitive and takes his poker game very seriously. He finished the season in first place, and took third place in the Championship Tournament. He sometimes compares his playing style with Helmuth and other poker pros.

    I won the Championship Tournament after finishing the season in third place.

    It was during our walk down memory lane that he proposed we play three handed, stating that he believed we were among the best players in the State. Therefore, he reasoned ,whoever won could lay claim to that title.

    However grand a picture he had of our poker prowess, the fact remained that we were in a bar, sitting at a table littered with empty plates and glasses, and I had to strike out for home in two hours.

    I tried to make light of his idea, so I could just relax and enjoy what was left of the evening, but he persisted. Rising up from the table, he walked over to the bar and then towards the kitchen where he disappeared before coming back to our table with a deck of Bicycle cards.

    Having no chips, we decided to play for cash with $1 blinds. Whoever was ahead at the end of the night would be declared the winner.

    The third player in our small gathering couldn't miss. He took forty odd dollars from us in the first hour of play, only to lose $25 holding top pair with an inside straight on the board, putting me in last place.

    The game resumed after they took a cigarette break. I continued to slowly bleed chips every orbit, unable to connect, although I did successfully rake in a relatively decent pot with my one bluff of the night. Nevertheless,I found myself down $29 going into the end of the evening. Both of my friends were up. One $3, the other $26.

    I am dealt Kings, and decide the best play at this late juncture is to trap. All three of us limp in. The flop: :2c :9d:10c.

    The chip leader bets $5. I call. The other player who finished first in our League folded.

    The turn card: :10s. My friend bets $10 into a $13 pot. I can't really get a read off of him, and am left wondering where I stand in the hand. I take ten seconds before flat calling. The river card: :ks!

    He bets $20. I re-raise to $50. He snap calls and flips over :Ah:As!

    I calmly take down the pot, and my friends ceded the game. One out of disgust, and one out of shock.

    In a single hand, a reversal of fortune ended our game and I was able to walk away the winner.

    Hopefully, that one eventful hand won't cause them to question their belief that you only need to play 35 or so hands to determine who the best player is at the table.
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  2. ellased

    ellased none more black.
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    Jan 16, 2009
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    back home in montreal
    nice story chief.

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