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Prestige Pro Plastic Playing Cards Review

Discussion in 'Poker Gear Reviews' started by Niagara_All_In, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Niagara_All_In

    Niagara_All_In Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2005
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    Manufacturer: Prestige Pro
    Retailer(s): www.witchdoctorpoker.com is the only place I have seen these so far.
    Average Price: $10.99 USD or $12.99 CND
    Material: 100% PVC Plastic
    Member Review by: Niagara_All_In
    I am a sucker for testing out new things; cards, chips, tables or anything else poker related for that matter. So when I made an order with Witch Doctor I had these cards added to try them out. I do not have KEM cards yet so I can only compare these cards to Gemaco and Copags. ​
    $10.99 USD or $12.99 CND for a 2 deck box. You get one red deck and one blue deck. they come in a cardboard box that holds them both (nothing really fancy like the box from the top plastic card companies).​
    When I compare these cards to the Copags and Gemacos that I have they feel a little slicker, stiffer and thicker. I find the Copags and Gemacos have a bit of a gritty feel to them while these cards seem to be very smooth.

    These cards definitely feel a lot cheaper than the Copags and Gemacos but at the lesser price this is to be expected.

    One thing I did find is that even with their smoothness they didn't seem to slide around as much as the Copags & Gemacos when in a pile. This was a little bonus I got from the cards.
    Well, I will admit there is nothing special with the looks of these cards. The back design is very basic and the face cards are not unique in any way. I do wish more card companies started making the face cards a little more unique to help compete for sales more. Some of the things I did notice in comparison to the other plastic cards I have are.... 1. They are a little bit smaller than Copags bridge sized cards by about 2mm. Not a big difference but noticeable. 2. The reds are brighter and blacks are darker than the Copags' washed out look so that is also a nice little bonus. 3. The numbers on the cards are a little smaller than the Copags, again not a big difference but noticeable.​
    There is no originality or security with these cards. I have only seen the one style back offered and it's not very unique in the least.​
    I have bent the cards from end to end and they do straighten out with no problems. However, with these cards being a little thicker then the Gemaco and Copag that I have it does seem that they take longer to straighten out. The faces of the cards do scratch a lot easier than the other plastic card decks that I have but not enough to really complain about.​
    Reviewers Comments
    Overall I didn't find these cards all that great, but for the price I paid I guess I can't really complain. Other than over the Internet, I don't have many options for poker gear in my area. I paid $12.00 CND for these 2 decks, $17.99 for my one deck of Gemacos and $20.99 for my double deck of Copags. So with that said they are not that bad for the price I got them for. Will I buy more? The answer is NO. Will I use these in games? YES. We do a lot of travel games at other houses and these are the type of cards I would bring with me. This way if they are lost or anything it won’t really bother me. Would I recommend these cards to other poker players? Well, Yes & No. I would recommend them to anyone like myself that just likes to try out new stuff or collects a lot of poker gear but I would not recommend these to the average player who is going from paper cards to plastic for the first time.

    Well I hope this review gave you a little info on the cards as they might start popping up a little more with all the poker hype going on right now.
    Card Pictures


    Here is a pics of each of the suits as well as the face cards and an Ace.


    Here is a picture of all 3 Ace of Spades from the 3 companies I have as well as the jokers from the set in review.

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