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Poker Chip Tricks - Finger Thumb Flip

Discussion in 'Poker Chip Tricks' started by PokerChest, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. PokerChest

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    The thumb flip chip trick is a fairly easy chip trick to learn. It entails flipping a chip using your thumb over a small stack of chips so that it lands in line behind the other poker chips.

    Begin by placing 5 or 6 chips in a stack. Tip it sideways and place it along the length of your middle finger. Use your ring and index fingers to support the chips on the sides. Your middle finger should keep them from falling backwards.

    Position your thumb near the base of the front chip and roll the chip on its edge up onto your index finger as shown above. Apply pressure to the sides of the stack with your index and ring fingers to keep the chips in place.

    When the chip is roughly 1/2 its length above the chips, start sliding the chip back in the direction of your palm as displayed above.

    Allow gravity to take over at this point as the chip slides over the top of the stack.

    Your thumb is just a guide at this point. Using your index and ring fingers, increase pressure on the stack at this point so that the chips don't tip over while sliding the top chip down behind the stack.
    After the poker chip has slid into place behind the rest of the chips, push the stack forward using your thumb and repeat the process. Once you're able to build up momentum this trick will become easier to pull off. This is a hard chip trick to do slowly. The thumb flip becomes easier as you build up speed. Eventually you should be able to do more than a hundred repetitions without pausing.

    Watch the following Video for a demonstration of the thumb flip:

    YouTube - Re: poker Chip Tricks - Tutorial 4 - The Finger Flip
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