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Playing with silver ...

Discussion in 'Home Game General' started by snooptodd, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. snooptodd

    snooptodd Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2012
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    Canton, NY
    I recently got invited to a local dealer call game that used to run quite often when I was a kid, before I was old enough to play. The host is a friend's father and he helps me keep stats at football games where I work, and I mentioned that I always admired his poker room setup (loft above a detached garage) when I was kid. He hadn't hosted a game in years but decided to get the band back together and invite a few of us "young bucks" to join him.

    I had to laugh when I got the invite, which included the phrase "Bring a coin purse with about $20 in change and your favorite beverage," and I offered to bring poker chips with me. He never responded, so I ended up packing up a birdcage with 600 chips and planned to bring it inside with me. But I arrived a few minutes late and the game was already underway, and I decided not to bring them up, because I thought it would have been presumptive of me to say "Hey we should be playing with chips."

    I walked up the stairs and took my seat. Every player had a pile of change in front of them and was digging through looking for nickels and dimes whenever the action was on them. Most games were $.10 max bet with a three-bet max on every street. Oh, and it was a $.35 dealer ante on every hand ... we didn't play a full rotation, you only played one hand of each game.

    The most popular game was dubbed "The Game" and it was a 6-card stud hi-low game where everyone gets two down and then the dealer flips two cards face up and the player can choose whether he wants one of the up cards or a fresh one off the top of the deck. After everyone has two down and four up players can pay a dime to replace a card, once again selecting one that's face up or one off the top of the deck. I'll tell you what, these old guys could split up an $8 pot full of dimes and nickels faster than you would believe.

    I can't remember the name of the "big bet" game, but it went like this. Every player gets five cards face down, and the first player has to lead out for $.10 or fold. Then, depending on the version of the game called, either four or five community cards are flipped, one by one, and each time one is flipped the next person in rotation (so on the first community card, UTG+1, on the second community card, UTG+2) must bet or fold, with the increment increasing with each card ($.20 on first community card, $.30 on the second, etc.). If you play with five community cards, the third card flipped is wild - but only for the high hand. If you play with four community cards, there are no wilds. And of course, the hand is split between high and low, with A2346 being the nut low. Had an interesting hand develop in that game where I had AA and some other low cards in my hand and thought I'd be going for low, only to end up with three 5s on the board, including one in the wild spot, which gave me 5 aces instead.

    I called Omaha -- which they had never played !!! -- and Mini-May (though some balked when I called for a full $.25 charge to replace an up card and $.50 to replace the down card). Can't believe I didn't think to call pitch and bitch.

    In the end, I'm glad I didn't bring the chips inside. Doesn't mean that I would rather play with silver in the future by any means, but the vibe of this game is one that demands nickels and dimes. It was a ton of fun. I'll try and get the regulars from the game to join me sometime in our $.25/$.50 games, and a couple might be interested, but I can say for sure that if I get invited back, I'll be there. Lots of great stories from the old guard and tons of fun flinging dimes around the table.
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  2. Mac128k

    Mac128k Creativity Alliance

    Jun 17, 2008
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    Bay Area, Ca.
    Sounds pretty awesome, actually :)
  3. DrStrange

    DrStrange Creativity Alliance

    Nov 30, 2009
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    I played a pocket change game with my Boy Scout troop - buy-in limited to $1.00 / blinds of $0.01 / $0.02. Bust and go to bed. I was the banker, meaning I brought a big jar of change to run the game. And we didn't take it on back packing trips - on those trips we played for sticks and rocks. . . .

    The parents found playing for money worth less than a small coke was barely acceptable.

    We had a great time -=- DrStrange
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