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Phil Gordon's Little Green Book Review

Discussion in 'Poker Gear Reviews' started by JT-Bird, May 5, 2006.

  1. JT-Bird

    JT-Bird Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2006
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    New York
    Title: Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book (Audio Version)
    Author: Phil Gordon (Read by the Author)
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audio
    Retailers: Most Book Retailers, Amazon.com
    Cost: $14.28
    Run Time: Approximately 3.5 Hours over 3 CD’s
    Member Review by: JT-Bird

    I purchased Phil Gordon’s “Little Green Book” on audio about a month ago. It is based on the concept developed by Harvey Pennick, who years ago wrote “The Little Red Book” which discussed his musings and tips for the game of Golf. I purchased the cds for a few reasons:
    1. I’ve become obsessed. I’ve been obsessed with playing and chips for probably 4-5 years now but never like I am now. I want to understand the game, I want to play better than the guys I throw chips around with every month or so. If Steve Danneman can get a $4+ million dollar payday, I certainly can hold my own in a Poker Stars Ring Game.
    2. I purchased and read Sklansky’s book but I don’t have the patience to ABSORB it. I searched all over for that book on tape to no avail.
    3. I am tired of listening to the drones on sports talk radio driving back and forth to work.
    So that said, I put the 3 cd’s into my car and off I went. First off, I must say that from what I have seen of Phil, I like him. He plays smart poker, is not a jerk and seems likeable. He comes across exactly that way on these cd’s.

    This book is 100% focused on No-Limit Texas Hold ‘em. Since Gordon has primarily focused his professional career on Tournament play, that is what he references most often in terms of strategy, however he does address some of his own personal guidelines for cash games (buy-ins, etc.).

    This book is targeted for the "knowledgable" beginner. Someone who understands the lingo and the basics of hold'em and is interested in understanding and developing strategy.

    There is not a lot of "ground broken" with this book. What I like about it is the ease I can pop it into my car and listen to it whenever I get a poker "jones" and it helps to reinforce profitable decision making. Much Like Penick's Red Book, this book takes a wide slice off the top of NLHE theory rather than making a deep vertical slice ala Caro's book of Tells.​
    The hard copy book must be broken down into tight paragraphs with headings because the cd is broken down into about 50 tracks each, whenever you go to a track, it invariably starts with the topic heading (e.g. “Playing the Short Stack”). This is convenient if you are looking for something specific.
    He covers all of the major topics you would want:
    • Pre-Flop Betting/Raising
    • Turn Betting/Raising
    • River Betting/Raising
    • Tells
    • Poker Math (Focused on Rules of $&2, Pot/Implied Odds)
    • Psychology
    • How to play big/short stacks

    Reviewer's Comments
    In the sections where he discusses pre-flop, turn and river betting he gives solid guidelines for many different scenarios (“When this happens, I usually bet a third of the pot”).

    In addition he makes mention to a lot of what I’d call “quick tips”, many of which I have never heard before (“implied tilt odds” – Where if you can get your opponent on tilt, he’ll throw money at you for the next 50 hands).

    These CD’s certainly helped my game by getting me focused on proper, tight, aggressive play, betting the right amount at the right time, and focusing on my betting patterns (to ensure that I switch gears) and my opponents betting patterns (to exploit them).​
    The BIGGEST thing I like about this book is that it is the ONLY book on CD that I could find that is a "teaching" book as opposed to "Poker Non-Fiction", like Annie Duke's book for example. Overall, I would say if you are interested in strengthening your fundamental strategy, don’t get the time to read, and use an Ipod or commute to work in a car, buy it. You will likely pick up some things and at the worst, it will continually reinforce profitable playmaking.​

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