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Pelican 1500 Case Review

Discussion in 'Poker Gear Reviews' started by tastic, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. tastic

    tastic Well-Known Member

    Apr 15, 2005
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    Vancouver, BC
    Manufacturer: PELICAN 1500 case
    Retailer(s): optimalcase and lights canada; case by pelican (USA); pelican.com (usa)
    Average Price: $75.00-90.00
    Material: copolymer plastic
    Member Review by: Tastic

    Like many of you, I invested in the Pharaoh’s Club and Casino group buy and have decided to give them a good home. As one can find in several threads, there are many options for camera-case like setups. I was looking for a case that is relatively lightweight, strong, waterproof, that can withstand substantial accidental impact, and that can hold several setups of cards and 1000 chips in Chipco chip boxes snugly without any rattling around.

    So I decided to go with a Pelican case. These cases are top of the line and are routinely used to transport sensitive camera and other electronic equipment. What first drew me to this case were its protective features. Its copolymer construction is waterproof, crushproof, and resistant to chemical corrosion. Furthermore, the construction of the movable parts is sturdy, as are the multiple double-throw latches, stainless steel padlock protectors and hinge pins. It has an ergonomic rubberized fold down handle (very sturdily built…best handle I’ve ever encountered with respect to design and strength). The neoprene o-ring provides an air-tight seal and optional Pick ‘N' Pluck ™ foam and divider sets are available. Most importantly, the Pelican case has a lifetime unlimited warranty. If it ever breaks…accidental or not…you are covered.

    I arranged my boxes and cards in the layout I imagined would occupy the rectangular volume and decided on the 1500 sized case in black (silver, yellow, orange, and blue also available). I ordered it with the Pick ‘N' Pluck ™ foam. You can get dividers, but the foam prevents content rattling and ensures a custom fit with your contents. Being in Canada, I ordered my case from www.optimalcaseandlights.com, and it was shipped (free!) within a day.

    The 1500 case has internal dimensions of 17 X 11.5 X 6.125 inches and was perfect for 10 chipboxes and 5 setups of cards. It was extremely easy to just tear out the foam pieces as appropriate for my 10 chip boxes and 5 card setups. I have since added another box (11 total) and plaques. My case now houses 3 setups of cards. Alternatively, those with 1200 chips can house 12 chipboxes and 2 setups of cards very nicely in this configuration. Full functionality and protection with minimal bulk or wasted space is very evident.

    $75.00-90.00USD. Some may think this is alot to pay for a case for your chips, as standard aluminum cases or Lowes/Husky style tool boxes are significantly cheaper. But those of you, like myself, who have invested over $1000 on chips can certainly justify this cost for the peace of mind and security that your investment is as protected as it can be. ​
    I like the look. The case is very “James Bond trucking around a sniper rifle”. This case is truly top of the line. Not a flimsy looking component to it; from the case material, O-ring inner lid seal, latches, handle, and hinges to the lock bays. I ordered the optional foam, which includes the lid eggcrate foam filler. But looks are subjective, so check the pics and decide for yourself.​
    The case comes with stainless steel reinforced bays (one on each side…although only one is necessary for locking) that can be used with a keyed type or combination padlock. (lock not included)​
    This is the most durable case I have ever encountered. Although certainly heavier than the more widely used aluminum cases or acrylic cages that can house 1000 chips, the Pelican is reasonably light for a damage and impact resistant case. The contents simply do not move when the case is flung around. Pelican cases have the reputation of being extremely strong…both in the materials used in the body as well as the hinges, latches and handle. You can see some serious engineering geeks went to work on these key parts. The lifetime warranty is very reassuring as well. Just for fun I took a hammer to the side of the case and nothing…not even a scratch. Most importantly to me, the handle, hinges and seal are superb. I have now personally seen someone drive over a pelican case with no discernable damage to either the case or contents!​
    Reviewers Comments
    This case is not the cheapest option for storing and transporting your chips but surely it is one of the best. I had a Husky/Lowe’s case and returned it because the handle felt like it was going to snap at any time. For anyone who needs to transport chips…in style, may I add...this is the way to go.​
    Case Images

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