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Lucky Dragon Sun-Fly Poker Chips Review

Discussion in 'Poker Chip Reviews' started by tripod22, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. tripod22

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    Jul 19, 2005
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    [SIZE=+1]Lucky Dragon Sun-Fly Poker Chips Review[/SIZE]
    <center> by jmc
    Manufacturer: Sun-Fly
    Retailer(s): Palm Imports
    Average Price: 65¢ each
    Material: Ceramic
    Original group buy announcement + pictures (11/29/2006):
    Note: Palm Imports is no longer a paid sponsor at Chiptalk -- the original group buy post is only accessible by the link above.

    I remember following the initial announcement of a new Palmimports group buy for a stock Sun-Fly custom ceramic chip. I also remember that the Chiptalk community rejected the original artwork -- then sn0wstorm stepped up to the plate and presented an amazing concept which has now evolved into the "Lucky Dragon" design. The group buy for this design is closed, but might be offered by Palm imports or their custom chip site customceramics.net in the future.

    This review is based on a 12 chip sample set of the TEXTURED Lucky Dragon chip set. I also have sample sets of SMOOTH Sun-Fly Bellagio replicas and Egyptian CHIPCOs to compare against.
    The Sun-Fly ceramic handles similar to a Chipco ceramic -- I had no difficulty shuffling or performing other basic chip tricks (SMOOTH and TEXTURED). It should be noted that the edges on a Sun-Fly chip appear to be sharper than that of the Chipco. If you slide your fingers down a stack of Sun-Fly chips (i.e. to straighten the stack), you may notice a slight scratching sensation. This effect seems more pronounced in the TEXTURED chips. The surface of the TEXTURED Sun-Fly has a distinct feel when lightly scratched with a fingernail, but otherwise is fairly smooth. The SMOOTH Sun-Fly feels similar to that of a Chipco -- "chalkboard" would be a good description.​
    The Sun-Fly Equinox blank is very flat -- I found no spinners in my set of 12 chips. I imagine that there should be no problems for standard sized stacks. For an in-depth analysis of stacking performance, please see Ranman's review of the Bellagio replica chips.​
    These chips sound like Chipcos/ceramic chips when splashed into a pot -- it's a higher pitch sound than clays, as expected. ​
    I'm glad to see that some of the printing issues (black/yellow bleeding) that the Bellagio replica group buy suffered haven't appeared in the Lucky Dragon sample set. I noticed that at one point, the outer ring of solid color was enlarged -- I imagine this was done to make it such that the "ring" of the inlay didn't need to be perfectly centered during the print process (look carefully at the $2 chip). Sn0wstorm picked some wonderful, vibrant colors to go along with the awesome dragon design for the set. In addition, the text and denominations are in large font and easy to read.

    The picture below illustrates the improved print quality from Sun-Fly. In the Bellagio tribute sample, there were some color bleeding issues with Black/Yellow printing. Also, color is sometimes missing from the edges of the top face. These issues seem to be non-existent in the Dragon chips.

    I was somewhat surprised to see that the black 100 chip was more of a dark blue than a "black" chip. I have included a picture of the Dragon 100 along with a Tiki Kings 100 and a black faux clay for comparison.

    The graphics and text on the SMOOTH chips tend to look crisper because the texturing tends to distort the image and text slightly.​
    If you're looking to start your own casino, I can't recommend these chips because they're available to everyone at Chiptalk, and will be Sun-Fly's new stock ceramic chip. For home use with players whom you know, these would be a great addition to your game.​
    Ceramic chips tend to stand up to a fair amount of abuse from normal use. You may see some light scratching on your chips if you and your friends throw them hard into the pot on a regular basis. Drops onto hard surfaces may cause pieces of your chip to flake off.​
    Reviewers Comments
    I already own a large set of Paulson Pharaoh NCVs and wanted a small high-denom tournament set for my home games, and the Lucky Dragon chips seemed like a great deal. I've showed my friends the sample chips, and they've been equally impressed. We can't wait for the chips to arrive!​
    Additional Pictures
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    <hr> [​IMG]

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