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Jackpot Coin-Inlayed Poker Chips Review

Discussion in 'Poker Chip Reviews' started by WolfPack, May 5, 2006.

  1. WolfPack

    WolfPack Faux Clay Nation

    Feb 28, 2006
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    Manufacturer: Unknown
    Retailer(s): homegamesupply, discountcasinogear, 5stardeal, Just about every supplier
    Average Price: .20/per chip
    Material: Plastic with metal inlay
    Member Review by: Wolfpack

    When reviewing this chip, the only other metal inlay chips I have are Bud Jones from the Stardust. I will be comparing with those as well as other various dice style chips. ​

    These chips go at around .20/per chip for new chips.​

    I am always amazed how the Bud Jones chips, while plastic, are not slick and are somewhat soft. The jackpot casino however is not the same. The plastic Rim around the coin inlay of these chips is the same material and feel as your common Dice chip, It is slick and hard. One thing you notice right off the bat is how heavy these chips are. They are a 12 gm chip and the weight is easily noticed when holding the Bud Jones then holding the Jackpot.​
    These chips are actually slightly thinner than other chips. It is thinner than Paulsons, Dice, and Super Diamonds (picture below). These chips stack ok but because of the slickness of the rim material will begin to slide. I only have a sample of 10 chips, but with a table bump the stack of 10 will wobble but not slide apart. I would estimate a stack higher than 20 would be very unstable, even though they do lay quite flat.​

    The biggest concern I had about these chips was going to be sound. Considering the metal inlay I was expecting a very metalic ting perhaps worse than Dice. I was pleasently surprised, these chips don't sound near as bad as the variety of metal slugged chips. While there is a slight ting, the major sound that comes from shuffling and stacking these chips is more of a clack similar to that of Super Diamonds. ​
    I love the looks of coin inlay chips, and the edge spots and color combinations make this a attractive chip.​
    Security is non existant for these chips, and there is no way to customize them so that is a concern if you worry about people sneaking chips into a game.​

    A very tough chip. I use a fork and could not scratch the surface of the coin inlay, however like a dice chip the outer plastic rim can be scratched up. Dropping the chip onto my hardwood floor did nothing to it.​
    Reviewers Comments

    All in all not a bad chip. It is attractive and doesn't sound too bad. The problem is it's just too expensive. They are not worth the .20/per.

    If someone were to say to me I want a chip set and they were thinking of getting these, I would tell them get some Faux Clay or Super Diamonds and save your money till you can get some ceramics or clays especially considering NJ's go for about .60 per chip.

    However, if someone told me they HAD to have a coin inlay and could not pay the high price for the Bud Jones, then yeah I think they would be happy with this chip.

    Chip Pictures


    Stacks of SD's, and Paulson's beside the Jackpots.

    A Jackpot next to a Bud Jones from the Stardust.


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