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Hip Hop Holdem -- AWESOME (as in "shock and awe")

Discussion in 'Poker on TV and in Movies' started by bolgenmod, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. bolgenmod

    bolgenmod Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2005
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    Team Hephaestus
    Late last night the boyfriend was doing the usual channel surfing and happened upon this show -- Hip Hop Holdem. We only watched a few minutes (it was late), but it was AMAZING, and I mean that as in stupifying/unbelievable. The idea of the show was that hip hop celebrities (and I have no idea if they were or not: I had never heard of them, but I don't really know hip hop) play a tournament for charity, just like Celebrity Poker Showdown.

    BUT these players made those on Celebrity Poker Showdown look like the final table at the 50K HORSE: one player called or raised every hand and kept talking about how she wanted the black chips (which evidentally were the high value chip at T1000 (???) -- I didn't see the beginning, so I have no idea what the starting stacks were). The commentary was ridiculous: they had nothing to say of any interest or value (there was little or no mention of the size of the blinds and/or pot, of course), although they did do a "valuable" piece about the rank of hands. The dealer looked like he could not believe his eyes: one hand it looked like he was about to laugh as he announced the final hands after a triple-take at the cards: Q high beat 8 high (btw neither player had ANY draw -- reasonable or no -- but they were in there betting and raising with their no pair, no draw hands).

    BTW, the Q-high was held by the maniac mentioned above, someone named Remy Ma. She had Q7o and raised pf like it was it was gold. When someone at the table complained about her playing and raising every hand, she replied that she was only doing so because she kept getting such great hands. In the ten or so hands I watched, she actually did not have ONE playable hand with the possible exception of A3o. (And by "playable" I mean the obvious good hands as well as suited connectors, suited aces, non-suited broadway and such -- hands that might have been worth played in this game.) Because the game was so weak (the players were mostly loose but passive, mostly limping pf and mostly folding if they didn't flop a really big hand), her strategy was actually not too bad: pure aggression won her a fair number of chips. But I am sure it was not a conscious strategy -- I have probably spent more time typing this than she spent thinking about her play!

    Oh, and I must not neglect to mention the hip-hop girls in very short skirts who strut-escorted a losing player to a loser's lounge. Very "cool"...

    Anyway, I will be looking for this to watch again strictly for the shock value. And so I can be sure to say that I was there when poker made that parabolic movement over the carnivorous fish....
  2. BigKyle

    BigKyle Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2005
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    Someone at HPT described this show as a really bad car crash. You are shocked and dismayed at what is going on but it is still hard to look away. After all, it's poker on television.
  3. jello-broom

    jello-broom Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2006
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    I can't believe this show hasn't been brought up here before ...

    I heard of the show a week or 2 before it started to air ... I caught the show a few weeks back and watched for about 5 or so minutes ... HORRIBLE ... Just horrible ... hey, they're playing for charity so that's cool, but that's the only "cool" thing about it I think ... I did TRY to give it another chance, maybe last week by TRYING to watch it ... I watched for maybe 3 minutes ... I couldn't take anymore.
  4. mrticsay

    mrticsay Well-Known Member

    Mar 29, 2005
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    Bolingbrook, IL
    My Tivo recorded it for me...it only took a few minutes of watching before it received three thumbs downs...and I been able give it more, I would have.

    It was so bad, I figured it wasn't even worth commenting on...and yet it gets a thread here with a large, Christmas Day OP. :wink:

    I think BigKyle description is correct.

    I wonder who thought it was good enough television to make and sell ads for? Maybe the same people who thought OJ's "confession" was a good idea.

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