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Help with Wallson label design please!

Discussion in 'Custom Chip Design - Request For Hire' started by hamilt22, May 15, 2009.

  1. hamilt22

    hamilt22 Member

    Jul 21, 2007
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    OK! It's time for some custom chips! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to build a mock up or anything on Photoshop, so this is where, hopefully, some one can help me out. I have a pretty clear idea of what I would like, so here are some details:

    • The chip base will be ASM's tri-color 'clay' chips - the same chip as the Da Vinci or Pyramids Casino chips. I have samples and this seems like the right choice given price constraints...
    • I am not settled on where the labels will come from, but Hogwild or Palm Imports seem like the front runners. But I am open to suggestions of course!
    • As for the labels themselves, I just want something simple. Something classic in the background, and denomination over top of it. Only one background is fine - no changing colors or anything between denoms.
    • The Protege chips designed here are awesome - perhaps something similar is possible? I really like the looks of the Da Vinci set, but I need fractionals.In fact, if someone took the Da Vinci label, removed the border text, and threw on a '25c' we could just call it a day. You get the idea though - these chips are simple but pretty elegant.
    • I will need 25c, $1, $5, $25 denominations. The quarter should say 25c, and the others should just have a dollar sign.
    That's it! Post here or PM me if you need. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated! As for payment, I don't expect to be able to pay much (if anything) for any design work you do. I will, however, be sure to ship whoever designs the labels a small collection of AC Casino chips and a bunch of the chips they designed.

    I hope this goes well and I can't wait too see what we can come up with! Thanks in advance guys!


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