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Getting Started

Discussion in 'Poker Chip General' started by Stibnite, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Stibnite

    Stibnite Member

    Aug 14, 2016
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    Theodore, AL
    Well, just getting acquainted with all of this Poker Collecting.

    I have spent so much time researching on this forum and elsewhere. Much great advice; although things don't seem as active here as they once were based on post history--which makes no sense with Poker sweeping the USA more than ever.

    That said, I finally started into my collecting venture and began with buying the Modiano Platinum Acetate cards and 1000 Milano chips in the square transparent carrying cases with trays.

    I'm pretty sure I will start collecting Paulson THC someday, but I'm sure my decision fits the bill for now as I dabble my feet in the shallows.

    Next on my agenda is finding a quality poker table. Suggestions would be great.

    Meanwhile, I plan on a set of ceramics next with my company's logo somehow customized on it. Not sure how that process works, but I see many threads talking about custom chips. Would love to host poker tourneys for my employees and customers.

    Played poker most my life, but only within the last year did I get introduced to cash and tournament games at local casinos and poker rooms. My first night, a friend bought me in for $40 at a 1-2nl, and I walked out with $1,600 a couple hours later. Needless to say, that potential hooked me pretty quick. Been playing on that free bankroll ever since at random places throughout the southeast during my work travels.

    Would love to learn how to get involved in participating in WSOP, but I am limited to Florida and Mississippi poker rooms, so not sure how that works. Their tourneys all seem to be sit n gos or unrelated to WSOP.

    Anyhow, any advice is appreciated and I must thank you in advance.

  2. Diego De Lamo

    Diego De Lamo Member

    Aug 18, 2015
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    First off, I think the Milano purchase was a good decision. I also have a 1000 tourney set of Milanos and I am very happy with them. For a good poker table, I recommend BBO poker tables or Rye Park. You can fully customize your table with any of them. Regarding the ceramics, there are many different vendors out there who can get the job done. I recommend ordering samples first, so you can compare the quality.

    WSOP has some tour dates in Florida. I have been to WSOP satellites at the Kennel Club in West Palm Beach. You can start there and work your way up.

    Hope this helps!

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