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First time ever to see a straddle in the SB... and it was me.

Discussion in 'Poker Stories and Bad Beats' started by TenPercenter, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. TenPercenter

    TenPercenter Administrator
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    Mar 20, 2005
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    Late into the night we frequently see the re-re-straddles escalate. Tonight was no exception. I've made the point several times that it's no spectacle to see a straddle reach the button, but never into the blinds.

    Well, playing with some extremely LAG, deep pocket, and deep stack players tonight (around 5:30AM), I'm sitting on ~$1500 on a $200 buyin. In the SB.

    Four handed, $1/$ NLHE. It straddles ($5 straddles tonight) through the button and I make it $20 straddle in the small, and the big straddles for $40. UTG (the original straddle LOL) is first to act and flat calls. Button makes it $105. He's a super aggressive, super loose player, and so is the BB. Button has ~$400 and the BB does too. I'm not worried too much about UTG.

    I look down at QQ. Tank for about 30 seconds and make it $407. BB and UTG instafold, and Button thinks and realizes he's committed (I knew he'd feel that way), and calls.

    He sees my queens and I offer to run it once or thrice. He says three times... then immediately retracts with, "fuck it, once" and I balk a little at that but say WTF and run out the board all five cards at once.

    He screams in joy and slams over 77. There was a 7 on the board and no improvement for my Queen's.

    Well... at least I can say I've seen the blinds take re-straddles.

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  2. bpbenda

    bpbenda Premium Supporter
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    Sep 10, 2013
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    Brentwood, TN.
    Does the player with 77 realize that with two 7's in his hand, there are only two more 7's remaining in the deck? Why would he ever agree to run it three times? Please invite me to this game!
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