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Delaware sees good and bad news

Discussion in 'Home Poker and the LAW' started by dennis63, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. dennis63

    dennis63 Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2008
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    Wilmington, Del.
    Delaware recently got its first poker rooms -- one in Dover and one outside Wilmington. Both are sanctioned by the State, and play 2 - 4 limit Texas Holdem. Players pay $4 per half hour to rent the seat and play against one another. A private company provides the set up -- high-quality tables, chips, etc., in a nice rec room-style hall with big-screen TVs.

    At the same time, two big news stories have shown how home games have clashed with the law. Earlier this year, a married couple were arrested after their friendly home game got too high-stakes and authorities learned they were playing for thousands of dollars while topless women served drinks. In am unrelated incident, a group of men robbed a private, late-night game at a swanky golf course.

    All of this attention on home poker has different government officials clashing on the state's policy on enforcement. A senior police officer was quoted as saying friends who play each other in a home wouldn't be prosecuted, but the state's Attorney General's office would say only that gambling for any amount of money was still illegal. (In neighboring Pennsylvania, prosecutors issued an official opinion that no one who played in a private card game among friends would be prosecuted.)

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