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Dal Negro Poker Chips Review

Discussion in 'Poker Chip Reviews' started by TenPercenter, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. TenPercenter

    TenPercenter Administrator
    Staff Member Lifetime Supporter

    Mar 20, 2005
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    <center>[SIZE=+1]Dal Negro Poker Chips Review[/SIZE]
    by TenPercenter
    Manufacturer: Dal Negro
    Retailer(s): Trident Playing Cards
    Average Price: $2.33-$2.66 each (Includes wooden case and two decks of plastic cards)
    Material: Pearlized Plastic
    Dal Negro's line of poker chips are definitely unique compared to most chips I've reviewed to date. Although plastic, they are high quality and unique. They have a pearl-like look on the smooth areas, and a rough texture on the recessed, etched areas. ​
    • Unique (good for game security and "chip pride"
    • High quality for a plastic poker chip
    • Plastic (Very light weight and take scratches easily)
    • Unconventional colors and denominations
    • Expensive (must buy with case and cards)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    At $2.33 per chip (300 count), this is a high price even with a case and cards. Considering the case may be worth even $100
    For a plastic chip, these are actually very nice. They have rounded edges, and you can barely stand one on end. Because of the very smooth edges and light weight, they are very difficult to shuffle. Stacking the chips and running your fingers up the stack feels good, they are very uniform.

    They are a shade over 40mm in diameter, and they are 3.6mm in thickness. When 20 are stacked next to 20 Chipco chips, the Dal Negro's are a full chip higher.
    I was only sent 10 chips, so stacking test were not done. By using the non-scientific "two chips in your fingers friction test" they fall in between dice chips (11.5g ABS plastic) and casino quality chips (textured ceramic or clay). This means they'll probably stack fairly well while in play.

    They sound very like plastic, a hard plastic. Not a bad sound really, much better than the sound that a metal-filled ABS plastic chip makes.
    I like the way these Dal Negro chips look. They are unique for sure. They have a pearl-like look on the smooth areas, and a rough texture on the recessed, etched areas.

    Nothing can beat the security of a fully custom poker chip. But for retail chips, I think these Dal Negro chips rank very high in security due the the limited availability, high cost, and unique look ad feel.
    I think the chips would last a lifetime without breaking. However since the pearlized smooth areas are so shiny, they will lose their luster fairly quickly. My samples have already begun to show many scratches just from my handling them for the review.
    Reviewers Comments
    Due to the high cost I couldn't recommend these chips unless I a) saw the price for chips alone, or b) I reviewed the quality of the case that the set comes with. The briar root case was not sent for review so I cannot comment on it's quality or value. It's entirely possible that the case value could bring this set to a value I could recommend buying.

    There are three main non-standard things I found with these chips:
    • First, the color scheme is unconventional, at least by Vegas, California, or other casino standards.
    • Second, the denominations are also non-standard. There is no 25, no 500, and there are odd denominations in between. The denominations actually double from .50 to 2, then again starting at 5 all the way to 200. I suppose this would be great for limit holdem games!
    • Third, the packages (two choices: 150 or 300), have far too many denominations in them. This limits you to the type and stakes in any one game. You're never going to need 50¢ chips and $200 chips in the same game.
    The 150 piece set: The denomination, quantity and color of the poker chips in this set is: 0.5 : 20 chips (white); 1 : 20 chips (light blue); 2 : 15 chips (yellow); 5 : 20 chips (magenta); 10 : 20 chips (orange); 20: 15 chips (red); 50: 15 chips (green); 100: 10 chips (blue); 200: 10 chips (dark green); POT: 5 chips (black).

    The 300 piece set:
    The denomination, quantity and color of the poker chips in this set is: 0.5 : 40 chips (white); 1 : 40 chips (light blue); 2 : 30 chips (yellow); 5 : 40 chips (magenta); 10 : 30 chips (orange); 20: 20 chips (red); 50: 30 chips (green); 100: 40 chips (blue); 200: 20 chips (dark green); 500: 5 chips (silver); POT: 5 chips (black).

    Oh, can somebody explain what the "POT" chips are for, and why you need five of them?
    Additional Pictures





    <hr> [​IMG]

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    Last edited: Dec 28, 2007
  2. sonorgeek

    sonorgeek Well-Known Member

    May 15, 2008
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    i just recently saw these. So im glad you wrote the review because i was curious about their weight, and feel.

    seems like the should just sell the case seperate, dal negro's case's are all very elegant and classy looking.

  3. lfilipe

    lfilipe New Member

    Dec 19, 2008
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    anybody knows if this are dal negros? any help will be appreciated
    and sorry if this the wrong thread to ask this
  4. jamby

    jamby Creativity Alliance

    Oct 9, 2005
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    high, low & in between
    They definitely appear to be. I'm not aware of any DN imitation chips so I would be inclined to believe they are.

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