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CPC Commemorative Chips Subscription update

Discussion in 'Classic Poker Chips Offers' started by marlowcasinochips, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. marlowcasinochips

    marlowcasinochips Gold Sponsor

    Dec 20, 2005
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    Marlow, UK
    See this thread for information on how the subscriptions work....

    The second half of the 2015 subscription chips will be shipped out shortly. They include the chips shown in the pic below.
    (Level 1 subscribers will get all 12 chips shown, Level 2 will get 6 chips)
    In addition there is a further special chip not shown which will go to all subscribers.

    Other than occasional competitions etc. the only way to get ALL the commemoratives (including those from giveaways) is to take out a subscription. I have enough chips remaining to accept up to 6 retrospective subscribers who will get the chips shown here plus those in the original post plus the bonus. If you are interested, email me asap.

    The new 2016 subscription period will start in the new year and I will post separately for that. In the image below is a preview of the New Year chips. These will be a giveaway but with the following condition applying (same as last year).
    For the first 48 hours after I post sometime on New Years Day the chips will only be available for people that missed out on the Xmas chips. Anyone emailing me before I post won't count. :)
    The anniversary chips shown below will not be a giveaway. Only way to guarantee those is a current (or retrospective) subscription for 2015.
  2. Lucky Dog

    Lucky Dog Creativity Alliance
    Lifetime Supporter

    Mar 2, 2010
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    Noblesville Indiana
    Thanks David…These are awesome!

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