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Concord Card Casino, Vienna Review

Discussion in 'Card Room Reviews' started by weak, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. weak

    weak Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2006
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    Vienna, Austria
    Concord Card Casino Review

    Location: Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1, 1110 Vienna, Austria
    Games offered: Limit Holdem, NL Holdem, Potlimit Omaha, occasionally Seven Card Stud
    Number of Tables: About 30
    Smoking allowed: Yes
    Website: Willkommen im Concord Card Casino
    Member review by: weak
    The Concord Card Casino is one of the biggest cardrooms in Europe. Dealers and floor staff are very professional, the service is good. Multi-table tournaments are held daily (mostly NL, occasionally Potl imit Omaha and Limit Holdem), buyins range from €20 to €100. A few times a year they host bigger tournaments with buyins ranging from €500 to €3000.​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • nice place and good atmosphere
    • open 24/7
    • professional staff and good service
    • free wireless internet
    • not exactly downtown
    Ring games/stakes available
    • 1/2 NL
    • 2/5 NL
    • 5/10 NL (if enough players)
    • 3/6 Limit
    • 20/40 Limit (if enough players)
    • 2 Potlimit Omaha
    • 5 Potlimit Omaha
    • 60/120 Seven Card Stud (if enough players)
    • Multi-table Tournaments & SnGs (Sit and Go's)
    Decor and atmosphere
    The cardroom is clean, bright and well air-conditioned. The kitchen offers good food, but nothing fancy. Of course you can eat at the poker table if you want. There's also a recreational area with the usual TVs and wireless internet access. Washrooms are on both ends of the cardroom and well cleaned. Tables have Shuffle Masters which are mostly used for ring games.
    Quality of opponents
    The low limit games are usually pretty soft. You'll see a lot of gamble on the 1/2 NL tables. Expect preflop raises of 5 BBs to get called with almost any two cards and expect drawing hands to call with bad odds post flop. Of course there are some local grinders who play a more solid game too.
    2/4 NL has a buy-in limit of € 1000 and 5/10 NL has no buy-in limit at all, so you should expect an accordingly tougher game at those tables.
    Tournament Chips are Chipco. Cash Game Chips are Chipco, Abbiati and Bud Jones.​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Additional perks
    First time visitors get vouchers for a free meal and €20 for a tournament buyin. Parking is free as well.​
    Reviewers Comments
    The CCC is without a doubt one of the better addresses for low to medium stake games in Europe. It's open 24/7 and you'll find a game at every time of the day. Usually you don't have to wait longer than ten minutes to get on a cash table.​
    Make sure to arrive early for tournament registrations (at least 30 minutes before the start is a good idea), otherwise you'll most likely end on the waiting list and miss at least the first level.​

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