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CC&GTCC Election of Officers 2009...

Discussion in 'Chipper Events' started by Gaming Ore, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Jun 7, 2005
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    The CC&GTCC Election Chair has announced the results of the 2009 Nominations (and acceptance of Nominations) for the upcoming Election of CC&GTCC Officers.

    Nominated are:

    President - Jim Steffner (un-opposed)
    Vice President - Jay Sands (un-opposed)
    Secretary - Dawn Satter, Jim Follis and Mark Lighterman
    Treasurer - Doug Smith (un-opposed)
    Membership - Steve Bedo (un-opposed)

    Two years ago the membership elected to split the 2-year terms of office into two tracks. This election (and future odd year elections) will seat the Vice President and Secretary for two years. The positions of President, Treasurer and Membership (this year only) will be for a one year term. In 2010, only thiose 3 positions will be up for election and will be seated for two years and those positions will run for office every even year.

    Accordingly, only one race is contested thsi election and that is for Secretary.

    Each of the Nominated candidates have provided a Campaign Message, which is posted here (alphabetically by first name)...

    Dawn Satter, R-7271

    Candidate for Secretary of the CC&GTCC
    After volunteering at the 2007 CC&GTCC National Convention and having served as Co-Chair for the 2008 Convention, I have decided to further demonstrate my devotion to the hobby by running for the position of Secretary of the Club’s Board of Directors. Although I may be seen by some as a relative “newcomer” to the hobby, I feel that having successfully Co-Chaired the 2008 Convention with no prior experience, I have demonstrated not only my skills, but also my hard work ethic and strong dedication to the chip collecting hobby.

    My election platform is a simple and straightforward one. When I first became involved in this hobby, it was the people I met along the way who welcomed me warmly and showed me what it was like to not only be a collector, but to be part of a large extended family—a bunch of people who were more than friends sharing a common interest in gaming history and chip collecting, but rather a very close-knit group who shared information about the hobby, and whose caring for one another extended far beyond the hobby itself and into each others’ personal lives. One chipper always looked out for another, and helped each other out in times of need. This is a phenomenon I have never seen before in all the hobbies that I have been involved with, and I view it as a unique offshoot of the hobby.

    Aside from the fact that the poor economic state of our nation has adversely affected sales, there has also been a decline in membership and the club is operating at a loss. I have also witnessed firsthand the effects of infighting and its negative impact on the hobby at large…and this is a large factor in the attrition we are witnessing in members. For many members, the fun has become a distant memory, and I feel that one of the first things that needs to happen is to bring a positive energy back to the hobby and to make it fun again. That one element is a huge motivator for our membership, and should become the basic framework from which we rebuild.

    Once that is accomplished and a newfound eagerness emerges, the rest of the pieces will fall into place. This is no easy task, but with the right people elected to serve on the Board of Directors who share a similar outlook, it is far from impossible.

    I have already demonstrated my passion for the hobby with my volunteer work I have performed for the club, and also my attention to detail and my strong organizational abilities when I Co-Chaired the 2008 Convention. I am also currently serving as Vice President of the Southern Nevada Casino Collectibles Club, and this is giving me more experience running an organization; though on a much smaller scale than the National Club, it is a job with many responsibilities that would transfer well if I were to be elected to the position of Secretary. I am honest, outgoing and dedicated, and it should also be noted that I do not have myriad other responsibilities to other organizations that would impede my duties as Secretary of the club.
    I ask my fellow members, whether or not they had the privilege of attending the 2008 Convention and seeing my hard work come to fruition, to give me the chance to serve this wonderful hobby by casting their vote for me. A vote for Dawn is a vote for positive change and the steering of the club in a better direction.

    If any of our members have questions for me, I can be reached by email at mailto:satterdawn@yahoo.com">satterdawn@yahoo.com. Thank you for your consideration.

    Jim Follis


    My name is Jim Follis, and I am a candidate for Club Secretary of the CC&GTCC, Inc. Like many others in the CC&GTCC, I have just received my 10-Year Pin and it means a great deal to me. While my wife surprised me with a Life Membership when I was first eligible (some 7 years ago) I have not been one to just sit back and let the years of membership accumulate.
    Some time ago I made the conscientious decision to “Get Involved” with the Club and at that time I was fortunate enough to have the CC&GTCC’s Past President and Founder, Mr. Archie Black, take me on as the Assistant OTY Awards Chairman. Shortly thereafter, Archie passed full Chairmanship duties to myself (with full BoD approval) and for the past 7 years, I have been running the Club’s Chip, Token, Strike and Room Key/Slot Card recognition program along with my son, Casey, as the Assistant OTY Chairman, both of us serving at the discretion of the Boards for those years.

    I was an active participant in the creation of the Slot Card (Room Key) Club, then established as a Chapter Club of the CC&GTCC, in conjunction with adding the Slot Card/Room Key category to the CC&GTCC’s OTY Awards.
    As a very active Internet person, I was honored to be selected as the Club’s first (and what turned out to be only) On-Line Communications Director (OLCD) in April of 2002. I served in that capacity until the position was eliminated in 2007. During that 5 year period I logged as many 600 or so messages on the Club’s Message Board, as well as a like amount between the other major collector Message Boards and processing countless emails in an effort to pass information to and from the BoD and Club members. While the position no longer exists, it remains that I am very engaged in those same Internet venues, as well as several others (some at the Admin or Moderator level) that pertain to the collecting of casino memorabilia.

    In the past I assisted Club member Terry Shaffer in the development and presentation (to the then BoD) the concept for a Mentor/Mentee Program, to which Terry was later established as the Director. In more recent times I developed and presented to the then BoD a concept to establish a Membership Recruitment Committee, to which the BoD has installed me as the Chairman.

    I have been recognized in 2006 and 2007 as one of the Top Ten Recruiters, receiving a Robert “Bob” Mera, Recruiter of the Year certificate in both of those years. While certainly not the Top Recruiter in those years, I am pleased to have been able to recruit enough new members in each of those years to gain this recognition.

    I was also a developer of the Planning Committee program (currently on hiatus) and served as a Planning Committee Member. I actively participate in the Club’s annual Convention Exhibit activity by displaying both competitive and non-competitive Exhibits during the Convention, placing Second in the 2008 competition. I also assist my son Casey, in his appointed duties as the Exhibits Chairman. I have written numerous articles for the Club’s magazine, both as a member-at-large and in my official capacity as an appointed official of the Club.

    So, as anyone can see, I am very active in the Club and in seeking election as the Club’s next Secretary, it is in keeping with my desire to be proactively involved with this great Club. As evidenced by my past, and present efforts, to both maintain the quality and purpose of the Club, it is my future plan to help achieve new heights for the members, as well as the Club in general.
    While there are two significant situations facing the Club right now (financial considerations and a loss of membership) I will not pretend to be the white knight, riding in to save the day! I believe that the current BoD’s representation is extremely mindful of the situation and their current, ongoing efforts are the likely path that needs to be followed at this point in time. Recognizing also that 3 of the 5 current BoD members will continue in their roles, it is my plan, should I win election, to work with them and the new President-elect (Jim Steffner, a fellow Nevada Landing / Pops Oasis ‘Dig’ partner) to help solve any lingering issues with regard to these two major concerns.

    Casino memorabilia collecting is my passion and short of that, the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club, Inc. is my expression of that passion. In short, my attention is focused on the Club.
    I believe in the Museum of Gaming History (MOGH) as a project of the CC&GTCC and have done so since day one of Jim Kruse’s dream. I congratulate the Team that has brought the MOGH along and will look to have some of those advances shared with the CC&GTCC. For example, just as the MOGH has an on-line shopping cart, the Club’s Promotions items should also be accessible for on-line acquisition by members.

    I support the concept that the Club should have an eBay ID to offer items acquired through donations or a gifting process, for fund raising to the Club’s General Fund. I will be supporting the traditional and historical assignments and responsibilities of the Club’s Secretary, and will also look to introduce and promote my own beliefs, concepts and ideas that I feel will move the Club forward, while striving to maintain the fine accomplishments and achievements of those who went before me.

    As always, I believe that the undisclosed repair of casino collectibles must be frowned upon. There is no room for slabbing in this hobby and we should always guard against the encroachment of slabbing through a process of education. Our tax exempt status is critical to the Club and must be protected at all times.

    These are just some of the things I stand for in my campaign for Secretary of the CC&GTCC, Inc. and I respectfully request your vote on the enclosed ballot to this issue of the award winning Casino Chip and Token News.

    Thank you,
    Jim Follis
    LM 3872-53
    CC&GTCC, Inc.

    Mark Lighterman

    Election address

    As a charter member of the CC&GTCC, I welcome the opportunity to serve this club as their next Secretary. For those who do not know my background, I have extensive experience serving on the board of other clubs for over 20 years. I have served as a board member and Past President (1993 to 2007) of the Florida United Numismatists, a coin club with over 3000 members and a 500+ table show that brings in an average of 10,000 attendees every year. I am a current officer of the Token and Medal Society having held the position of Secretary (with duties that included membership and banquet planning for the club’s annual meeting, 1997-2005) and Treasurer (2005 to present.) I am also the Vice President of CONECA and both a National Volunteer (1996 to present) and the newly appointed National Exhibit Chairman for the American Numismatic Association. I have also been Chief Judge, Membership Chairman, Officer and a founder of many clubs throughout my years in the hobby.

    What does this mean to the CC&GTCC. It means I will bring the knowledge of what has both succeeded and failed in these clubs to our great club. All these clubs have suffered the same problems the CC&GTCC has (loss of members, fewer new members, higher printing costs, etc.) They have all tried ‘new ideas’ to bring people into or back to their club. The CC&GTCC does not need to reinvent the wheel. There are many resources and sharing programs from other clubs that I can bring to the table that the CC&GTCC can utilize to make this great club even greater!

    The membership is the driving force behind any club. Not just those online, but the entire membership. O ne can argue as to the percentage of members that are online but it eventually comes down to how many members visit any of the chip boards on a regular basis. The membership wants, and needs to be heard. At this point the journal is the only official means of getting information to its members. I will work with the board to use other methods of getting info out to the members on a timely manner.

    On the same note the board must work as one and speak with one voice. The board must be on the same page and communicate with one another on all decisions made on behalf of the club. It is the job of the president to communicate with the clubs members with the backing of the board. I believe I can accomplish this with those elected, having worked with boards made up of many different personalities. This is an art and only one learns by experience.

    This club is made up of two camps; the collector and dealer. Both are members and an important part of the club. Without both we would not have a convention. The board needs to be open to suggestions from both camps. It can not be one camp nor the other.

    Holding the title of Secretary is not just a title given to a board member but a responsablity with certain duties. I fully understand what is required of the position and what would be required of me if elected. and thus I request your vote for Secretary of the CC&GTCC.

    Mark Lighterman
  2. deputyfl

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    Jan 12, 2006
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    St Augustine Florida
    Good luck to all 3 candidates :)

    For the ChipTalk people who be in the CC&GTCC please vote :)

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