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Brantford Charity Casino Review

Discussion in 'Card Room Reviews' started by punk1o1, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. punk1o1

    punk1o1 Creativity Alliance

    Apr 27, 2006
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    Ontario Canada

    Brantford Charity Casino

    Location: 40 Icomm Drive, Brantford, Ontario N3S 7S9 Map
    Games offered: Limit Holdem
    Number of tables: 12 tables total
    Member Review by: punk1o1

    From my casino expierance Brantford is definitly one of the most well run casinos I have ever been to! Everything is very organized. The dealers and floor managers are very professional and on the ball! Keeping things running smoothly at all times!

    FYI at Brantford Casino if you check with chips in your hand it is considered a bet. :wink:
    Games/stakes available

    • 2/5 with a $5 max rake ( 3-5 tables )
    • 5/10 with a $5 max rake ( 3-4 tables )
    • 10/20 with $5/half hour session fee (3-4 tables)
    • 20/40 with $7/half hour session fee (1-2 tables)
    • 30/60 with $10/half hour session fee ( 1 - 2 tables)
    • And Occasionaly 50/100
    Brantford is not Licensed for NL ring games, but they do host a annual NL tournament with the buy-in ranging from $1000-$2000. Leading up to the tournament they will run NL satellites with buy-ins starting as low as $50.

    Decor and atmosphere
    Brantford has a outer space theme with an isolated room just for poker. With entrances at the front and the rear the poker room has 3 flatscreen tv's with 2 usually showing sports channels and 1 displaying the waiting list. The room is rather plain but well lit, which is great.

    Washrooms are in a short distance, located just outside the poker room.

    Quality of opponents
    Lower limits are extremely soft with players who chase everything down and are not afraid of calling with nothing. Just like any other casino, as you increase limits, the play improves.

    Expect alot of regulars which are pretty easy to pick out. Regulars ranging from, pros playing to make a living to locals that enjoy the game. I have not seen any kind of collusion among regulars or friends, which makes me comfortable to return.

    Brantford uses standard Paulson TH&C chips. Expect them to be beat up and rather dirty.


    Additional perks

    • Friendly dealers that are very chatty without discussing the hand at play. Dealers stay professional and I have not seem them make many mistakes.
    • Brantford uses KEM 100% plastic cards.
    • Every table is 10 seated and has padded chairs, all tables are comfortably spaced apart.
    • Free Non-alcohol beverages.
    • Player's card which is good for poker, slots or any table games. Collect enough on your card and they will comp your meals.
    • Free parking
    Reviewers Comments

    If you like limit hold'em Brantford is the place to go. Whether you want to make some money or just have a good time. If you're in the area and play, poker I would definitely check it out.

    At least stop by and get some chips!

  2. Harlequin011

    Harlequin011 Sin City Showdown Host

    Feb 1, 2006
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    In Cincinnati, Out of Position
    Re: Brantford Charity Casino

    My first impression of the Brantford Charity casino was that it was a little small compared to other land based casinos i've been in.

    But just after a short time there it started to feel very comfortable. First off the no-smoking inside was completely new to me. I caught a wicked look from the Carribean Stud dealer, who playfully told me to "not even think about it." Directly after she asked which state I was from :happy:

    As it turns out all the dealers were cordial and engaging and very friendly.

    Their poker room is spacious and accomdating. Each dealer maintained a steady flow of the game and was strict and professional, but still nice. It was an unexpected, as I didn't know what to expect from a charity casino.

    The tables are large and comfortable. The seats were built with the players comfort in mind. I sat for about 5 hours without feeling uncomfortable.

    The players in general seemed well behaved and were quick to chat up an American when they found one. The US players were the ones that were standing out as jackasses. For the most part the Canadians took their beats like mooks and quietly raked the pot on suckouts.

    This casino and it's card room rivals any other that i've been in for professional dealers and level of service. They may not have all the ammenities of the Venetian, but they do spread a great game in great comfort.
  3. Snoman13

    Snoman13 Member

    Jun 25, 2007
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    Re: Brantford Charity Casino

    Fixed. :happy:

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