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Bounty Battle on the Border V (2015) - March 18-22, 2015

Discussion in 'Home Game Listings and Leagues' started by bergs, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. bergs

    bergs The Don Rickles of Chiptalk
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    Oct 4, 2008
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    Drinking at Jimmy Wah's
    Hi all - just realized I hadn't posted this here...please reply in the thread here if you're interested in attending. More info available at: http://www.pokerchipforum.com/showt...rder-5-(BBotB5)-NH-MA-Border-March-19-22-2015

    I hold an annual (extended) weekend of cash games and a main event bounty tournament that includes catered BBQ and kegs. Info is included here - you can lock up a seat by replying here or PMing me. This coincides with the first 3-4 days of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, so the games are on TV and there is a fair amount of college bball talk and gambling as well (about half the people engage in that, and the other half is just focused on the food, poker, drink, and table conversation). Always a fun weekend, always a good crowd, and some good poker to boot.

    General plan of events:

    VENUE: Dover, NH - PM bergs or Chicken Rob for exact address; MHT is the preferred airport, BOS will also work with a 45-90 min drive

    WED 3/18: 6:00pm - The Cleanup Spectator Sport: We all watch Jose clean up Chicken's place
    7:30pm - THE PREGAME PARTY GAME -- 25c/50c Circus Game, $125 max
    ** Bottled beer and liquor available...no keg beer until Thursday AM **

    If you're flying in Wednesday, this will be a loose and fun game.

    THURS 3/19:
    11:30am - "Berg's Locks" - College B-Ball Picks Available
    11:45am - Annual Celebratory Tapping of the Kegs (actually tapping the kegs - not a euphemism for something else)
    11:45am - Cold Brewed Crack Coffee available -> excellent with Bailey's and addictive as crack (so I hear)
    12:00pm - THE WARMUP GAME - 25c/50c $125 Max; NL+PLO; featuring a guest chipset
    6:00pm - ABBY99'S TABLE (Table 2) - $4/8 Mixed Limit Games

    FRI 3/20:
    10:30am - The Hangover Breakfast @ The Wooden Spoon11:30am - "Berg's Locks" - College B-Ball Picks Available
    12:00pm (till Close) - THE DAILY GRIND - (Table 1) 25c/50c NLHE + PLO with Truman's House chips
    6:00pm - THE BIG GAME (Table 2) - $1/1 Circus Games

    SAT 3/21:
    10:30am - The Hangover Breakfast at the Wooden Spoon
    11:30am - "Berg's Locks" - College B-Ball Picks Available
    12:00pm (till Close) - THE DAILY GRIND - 25c/50c NLHE + PLO with Truman's House chips
    12:00pm - 2nd Annual SOHE World Championship Tournament ($20, Dunes Paulson Cash chips, features the engraved SOHE SKUNK trophy)
    4:00pm - Catered BBQ (Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Ribs, Smashed Potatoes, Coleslaw, Deviled Eggs)5:00pm - 5th Annual Bounty Battle on the Border Main Event Tournament (with engraved trophies) - $140 ($100 for prize pool, $20 bounty, $20 food) - re-entry once in first 3 levels
    Post-tourney - ALL CASH EVERYTHING -25c/50c NLHE+PLO & $1/1 Big Game (uncapped with Dealer) - all with Truman's House custom chips

    SUN 3/22:
    10:30am - THE SHUTDOWN - we kick everyone out and let Chicken Rob sleep until Wednesday

    1 - Bergs (already packing)
    2 - Chicken Rob (our generous host)
    3 - PAZ - Tourney (bringer of the crack sugar cinnamon bread)
    4 - JButler (needing his Chez Pollo players card)
    5 - Gopherblue (cheer up, sad gopher, we're playing poker)
    6 - ManAmongKids (Tourney)
    7 - Noels - Tourney (MEGAFRIGGINTRON!)
    8 - Snooptodd (because young kids can't read birth certificates)
    9 - Guinness (running it twice for $1400 a side and splitting $2.25 with me)
    10 - JM (he returns!)
    11 - Clay (my partner in liver destruction)
    12 - Malaka
    13 - Ashley
    14 - Onerand (he might top-off to become Threerand)
    15 - HDK (himself)
    17 - Courage (has great deals on propane, but talk slowly and loudly, he's elderly)
    18 - Jose (hasn't locked up a seat yet officially but he's a regular because I have a great ironing board)
    19 - Silverspoon (acey deucy at $20 per point, taking all comers)
    20 - Nick (aka Tree Rollins, except he looks nothing like Tree Rollins)
    21 - Scott (brother of Nick, also looks nothing like Tree Rollins)
    23 - Daschuck
    24 - I am Chippy
    25 - Mike's Dad
    26 - Chicago Jeff
    27 - NH Local Placeholder
    28 - NH Local Placeholder
    29 - NH Local Placeholder
    30 - Christian
    31 + ...more seats available, reply to lock up a set

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