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All-in Poker Clock Review

Discussion in 'Poker Gear Reviews' started by tripod22, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. tripod22

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    Jul 19, 2005
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    Bethlehem, PA
    The All-In Poker Clock Review
    by Kingedb

    Manufacturer: Manufacturer info goes here with a web site link if available
    Retailer(s): poker student: The All-In Poker Clock software
    Average Price: Free Trial, $26.39 Download Version, $32.99 Cd Version

    • 100% customizable (I could stop right here)
    • Player seating
    • Low cost
    • Free upgrades
    • In order to use player and stat tracking, you need to learn how to write scripts

    Screen Designer

    All elements of the screen designer are drag and drop. It couldn’t be easier. And did I mention 100% customizable!?! You can choose fonts, font color, pictures, etc.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Included are basic sound files for alerts and such. You can also import your own .wav files or clips.

    Tournament Configuration
    It really could not be easier. You fill in your time per round, blinds, and click start. All structures can be saved, so once you configure your schedule you will not have to do it again.

    Buy-In and Payout
    These options are found on the tournament screen and are just as easy to tweak as everything else. You can choose percentages per payout and have the program do the math or you can manually type in prizes.

    Do not fear the fact that the currency is Euro by default because there is a “Currency Formatting” button. You can easily switch it to whatever you’d like.

    Player Seating
    If you have ever hosted a well-attended tournament or even a normal ring game, you already know that automating this task is huge. There will be no more spreading cards around the table and reshuffling decks. It is also great for moving players. You can set your maximum players per table and have the program automatically balance players as they are busted out. Once you add players they can be saved. You literally go down the list of players checking the box next to their names and add them to your game. This was a very nice upgrade for me.

    A Built-in Pascal Scripting Language
    This option sounds great, but I have not taken the time to learn it. This is the description from the website: This feature provides a programmable interface into the software. This can mainly be utilized by users who have a basic knowledge of programming, although there are some pre-programmed scripts to help with such things as exporting results to html.
    Help and Support
    Included with the software is a very informative “help” file that explains everything in good detail. All instructions and questions that I had were answered there. You can easily send the support staff an email also. I had questions about the release of their newest version and got a response within 24 hours.
    Reviewers Comments
    I have used other Tournament Clocks and this one stands out above all the rest. I am a big “customizing” fan and this could not be more customizable. There is a free trial available, but I highly recommend buying this program. If you own it or decide to try it out feel free to critique my review. I also have a bunch of poker screens I have personally created. Most of them are movie themes. Send me a PM and I’ll gladly share them. These are NOT FOR SALE and FOR PERSONAL IN HOME USE ONLY.​

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