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Ablackcar's trader's

Discussion in 'Collectible Chip Trading' started by ablackcar, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. ablackcar

    ablackcar Creativity Alliance

    Nov 11, 2008
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    I have cleaned all chips, no grime, no muck and they are all in my albums if'n you need a visual.....

    I have the following chips to trade:

    3-foxwoods $2/ very good condition
    1-goldstrike, tunica $1/ mint
    0-argosy, sioux city $5/ good<----TRADED
    1-sam's town, tunica $1/ used/good
    1-horseshoe, tunica $1/ good
    0-diamond lil's, renton, wa./ used<----TRADED
    1-harrah's rincon $5/ used
    1-royal river, sd. $5/ good
    1-mandalay bay $1/ used
    0-valley view $1/ mint<----TRADED
    0-outpost $1/ used<----TRADED
    3-paulson zodiac aries/ mint

    $1 coins:

    1-fort randall casino token
    1-lode star token
    1-royal river token

    chips i am looking for:

    Any $1 token that i don't have

    paulson zodiacs, i have the aries and capricorn. I just want one of each.

    borgata $2 or snapper $5, not sure what they carry
    flamingo $1
    Old foxwood $5
    new foxwood $1 $2 or snapper $5, not sure what they carry
    new bellagio $1 snapper $5
    mandalay bay $2 or snapper. Not sure what they carry
    any vegas $1's i don't have...

    Thanks for looking...
    Last edited: May 5, 2009
  2. Midnight Rose

    Midnight Rose Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2006
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    Lansing, MI, USA
    Ah, a token man, cool. I think I have some chips and tokens you might be interested in. For instance, I have a Leo and Pisces in my personal collection that I could trade (can't trade the Cancer, since that's my husband's sign). Here are the five Zodiacs I currently have. My set of current traders are here (there are a bunch of tokens and chips that I haven't gotten around to scanning yet, though).

    I'll look through your galleries and will PM in after that if there are more chips in my personal stash that I think you might like.

    (BTW, cool story about your dad and the chips he got for you).

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