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ABC Binion's Horseshoe Tribute GB Pricing to End 11/30, Plus New Info

Discussion in 'ABCGiftsAndAwards.com Forum' started by abcgiftsandawards, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. abcgiftsandawards

    abcgiftsandawards Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2006
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    Antioch, CA
    Hello Everyone-

    The Binion's Horseshoe tribute chip Chiptalk "Group Buy" pricing of $.77 per chip will end this Thursday, 11/30. Starting Friday December 1, the chips will still be available, but at a standard retail pricing based on order quantity.

    Also, there will most likely be some additional options available, such as customized text, a couple higher denomination chips, and dealer button coasters!

    The retail pricing will be as follows:
    Sample set - TBD (this will depend on quantity of additional denominations)
    50-99 chips - $1.00 per chip
    100-299 chips - $.90 per chip
    300-499 chips - $.87 per chip
    500-999 chips - $.84 per chip
    1000+ chips - $.81 per chip

    Pricing for customized text chips TBD.

    To order, visit our website here:

    Thank you,

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