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600pc Wood Carousel Review

Discussion in 'Poker Gear Reviews' started by EmptyPocs, Jan 19, 2007.

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    May 7, 2006
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    Manufacturer: Unknown, made in china
    Retailer(s): U.S.A., Europe
    Average Price: $24.95, £29.95
    Material: Wood

    If you are a carousel fan and need extra capacity you will love this oversized two part carousel. For the price, it is reasonably well made. My only gripe is that it does not have a natural wood grain finish. The dark finish more or less covers up the imperfections in this mass produced product made of inexpensive wood.

    The outer ring holds 400 chips and rotates independantly of the inner carousel that holds 200 chips. The inner carousel must be lifted out of the main outer carousel to access any chips it holds. The inner carousel also has slots for two decks of boxed cards (standing vertically).
    Both bases are padded, as well as the inside wall of the outer ring so that the inner ring does not get scratched when in place.

    • Two piece contructions lets you maximize storage space.
    • The smaller, second carousel can be used for a smaller game, a second set, or to keep the big chips somewhat protected during play. This may be a "con" if you consider it inconvienient having to remove this section in order to get to the chips.
    • All chips are on display (a con if you need security).
    • Base is sturdy and does not wobble or tip under an uneven load.
    • Color finishes betwen the two sections are not consistent (and the two sections seem to be made of different woods).
    • Poor finishing in the chip grooves (rough).
    • Some sloppy stain bumps.
    • The center section does not lock in place (it lifts out by grapsing it's handle). In order to move the entire unit you have to grasp the outer ring by the sides.

    For $24.95 you can't go wrong.​

    The outer ring looks black and the inner ring does too unless you really stare at it and realize it is a very dark "mahogany" finish. The color difference is more noticable in the chip grooves and card holders (in bright light). There is some sloppy stainwork. Dried stain drippings from applying too much stain are visable in several places. The chip grooves should have been sanded. While the outside of the carousel is very smooth (smooth as plastic with no hint of grain) the chip grooves are incredibly rough from the drilling.

    Believe it not, the two sections feel and "sound" different. If I did not see the grain in the chip grooves, I would have thought the outer ring was plastic. It is very light and smooth, and also has a hollow sound when you tap it. The inner unit sounds and feels more like 'real' wood.
    Perhaps the two sections must be made of two different wood types. Maybe this explains the inconsistant finish between the two sections

    I do not think these quirks should not have any effect on use or your decision not to purchase one unless you are only interested in the highest of quality with no excpetions. It would be interesting to give this design to a skilled craftsman and see how much better the product could be.

    I have never seen a carousel that holds more than than 500 chips. There is another silver colored plastic carousel on the market that does hold 600 chips. Carousels are ideal for home games with friends. They are not secure in any way unless you keep them in a locked cabinet (like I usually do).​

    Without any outright abuse, this wooden double carousel should last a long time.​

    Reviewers Comments
    I have allways been a fan of keeping my chips in wood cases. The problem with wood cases is that you cannot usually keep all of your chips on display when not in use. Case lids usually have to be open for display and this is also a problem if you have low shelf height between shelves, and larger boxes usually have two levels (leaving the bottom portion and chips hidden from view).

    I like using carousels as they maximize my shelf space and do not have to be removed to access chips (just rotate and remove what you need). Of course this carousel's middle section may pose a problem thate situation.

    This carousel is a welcome addition to my collection. I just wish a skilled woodworker had made it instead of being mass produced in a sloppy factory.
    Oddly, the first carousel I ordered had a black outer section and the inner section was without any doubt stained brown. I called the reseller and was told that it was not available in brown and they had never heard of this happening. They promptly issued a return and reshipped a new one. Personally, I liked the brown better.

    Additional Pictures

    <TABLE border='\"\1"'><TBODY><TR><TD>
    Rough Chip Slots​
    Stain Bumps​
    Padded Bases​
    Outer Ring​
    Outer Base​

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