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44mm scroll mold Rounders Samples & Dealer Buttons

Discussion in 'Classic Poker Chips Offers' started by marlowcasinochips, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. marlowcasinochips

    marlowcasinochips Gold Sponsor

    Dec 20, 2005
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    Marlow, UK
    The 44mm scroll mold is finally fully functional and all Rounders orders have been shipped out. A lot of work over the past few months to get it workable but it is now available for future production runs (Rounders or anything else).

    We also just about managed to produce the double colored dealer buttons in pink one side/charcoal the other side as requested. It is a really difficult task to get two colors to bind together and not something we would ordinarily repeat. It is a little easier when using reversed spots to bind them so we also produced some pink w/charcoal one side and charcoal w/pink the other side. Nevertheless the wastage is still over 50% (75% on the solids!)

    We have a limited number of the chips shown in the pic for sale.

    1. 44mm Rounders $1,000 & $5,000 sample pair (to go with the 39mm sample sets sold previously) - $9 shipped

    2. 44mm Rounders dealer button (solid) - pink one side/charcoal reverse - $13.50 shipped

    3. 44mm Rounders dealer button as above but with reversed 412 spots - $11.50 shipped

    You can also have a package of the 4 chips above for $30 shipped.

    For any other combinations, email me, but there are not that many available.

    As of this post (which I will try and keep updated) there are

    29 sample pairs available

    32 solid dealer buttons available

    29 spotted dealer buttons available

    Also 9 extra $1000 Rounders spares

    Email me if you want any of these.


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