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Where To Get Chip Samples

Where To Get Chip Samples

Article By: dammitjim


I've been searching for samples and found that it can be a pita to find shops that sell per chip and don't charge out the rear for shipping. This article will give you a consolidated list of the best places I've found to order samples from. To avoid having to pay shipping costs multiple times I tried to find shops that stock a wide varitey of chips. I'm not including chip costs since a difference of .20-30 on a dozen chips isn't that much of a difference. Shipping totals are for 20 chips unless otherwise indicated.

Clicking on the chip pictures will take you directly to that vendor's website. Hold your mouse over any picture for more information about that chip.

Holdempokerchips.com - Chiptalk.net Sponsor!

Check venders site for pricing and shipping. This vender offers the sale of individual chips (1 chip at a time) so you can build a sample set of the chips you are interested in. They also offer full sample sets of each type of chip (full set of Mardi Gras clay with denominations - 9 chips).

Apache Poker Chips -

Chipco Poker Chip Sample Set - $4.00 + $3.00 standard shipping.

Real Clay Poker Chip Sample Set- $5.00 + $3.50 standard shipping

Clay Composite Poker Chip Sample Set - $4.00 + $3.00 standard shipping.

All three sets above $13.00 + 4.50 standard shipping.

Apache also offers full sample sets of every chip they sell. Price and shipping vary by the set you are ordering.

Email one of the PC.com sales contacts for free samples. I got a response within one business day.

5 Star Deal ships samples for $3.95.
Nevada Jacks

All the NJ sample sets are $20 w/ 2 day delivery included. If later you buy a full set from them, they will credit you $10 for having bought the sample set.

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