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Review Template

Review Template

Thank you for your interest in contributing a ChipTalk.net Review or Article!

Writing a review or article that gets published is the best way to earn ChipTalk Store Chips that you can use to buy real poker gear from the Store or to sell/buy items in the Poker Classifieds.  Articles typically earn you 1000 Chips, but can range from 500-2500 depending on complexity and level of effort.



  • We use a review template so that we can keep all reviews consistent.
  • Copy (CTRL-C) all the contents of the relevant template below.
  • You will replace the appropriate sections with your own words.
  • The default headings are there for reference. Please remove or add headings that fit your review. We will let you know if we do not like your choices.
  • All images must be hosted on http://www.imageshack.us/! Make images no wider than 800 pixels, or else use the Image Shack thumbnail feature.
  • Images should be placed throughout the review in relevant locations, not just bunched at the bottom.  Small captions are good.
  • Permanent areas are in bold.
  • Submit your new article into the DRAFTING Wiki forum.

Template for Chip and/or Gear Reviews:

------------Begin Copy Below This Line ----------------

Article Title
by Username (feel free to use a URL link on your name)

Manufacturer: Manufacturer info goes here with a web site link if available
Retailer(s): Retailer(s) go here with web site links if available.
Average Price: Average product price goes here
Material: Material information goes here

Opening text goes here
  • Pro 1
  • Pro 2
  • Pro 3, etc.
  • Con 1
  • Con 2
  • Con 3, etc.


Pricing information goes here
Feel information goes here
Stacking information goes here
Sound information goes here
Looks information goes here
Security/Originality information goes here
Durability information goes here
Reviewers Comments
Reviewer Comments go here
Additional Pictures
Additional Pictures go here

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------------End Copy Above This Line ----------------

Template for Card Room Reviews:

Name of card room
Location: address goes here[url=url to google map of location or the card room's web page for location goes here]
Games offered: Poker Games offered goes here
Number of tables: Number of poker tables goes here

Opening comments go here
  • Pro 1
  • Pro 2
  • Pro 3, etc.
  • Con 1
  • Con 2
  • Con 3, etc.


Games/stakes available
Games/stakes available info goes here
Decor and atmosphere
Decor and atmosphere info goes here
Quality of opponents
Quality of play info goes here
Chip info goes here
Additional perks
Perks info goes here
Reviewers Comments
Any final/additional comments go here

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