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Aug 14, 2016
Jul 17, 2005
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Aug 14, 2016
    1. cgraham86
      No link. You'll have to either email them or PM the link instead.
    2. SwgCrazy
      See if you can see this link. If not I will email you pics later.

      Jack Niemanns pictures by SwgCrazy - Photobucket
    3. cgraham86
      I've only used live cashback on items already for sale on ebay. I'm not familiar with how to set that up on ebay at all, and to be frank it hasn't been above 10% since the holidays I think. 400 + shipping I'm ok with. What kind of shape are the chips in? Have any pics by any chance?

      My zip is 98105, and if you feel like pics here's my email: cgraham86@gmail.com.
    4. SwgCrazy
      So it looks like cashback is currently at 8%. I'd recommend waiting for it to to get back to 10 or 14% before if we want to do it on Ebay. If not, that's fine and we can get the ball rolling now.
    5. SwgCrazy
      I'm from the suburbs of Detroit (because no on with brains lives in the city!) I'll let them go for $400+shipping. What are Live cashback rates currently? Maybe we can work something out via that service for our mutual benefit.
    6. cgraham86
      It worked just fine! There's a wide range of opinions on Jack Niemann's, which for the most part use the S2 mold (versus the more popular V7 mold that Mirage Springs, Southern Elegance or Maximillion chips enjoy, and so do most modern casinos). For some crazy reasons $5's are the least in demand, but I think they're the most attractive personally. I've gotten them as low as 0.60 per chip. Same with the $1's. $25's are the most (I'd guess around 0.90 - 1.00 per chip). Right now it's hard to gage how much they're really worth because for obvious reasons a lot of people are selling their chips right now! Some are really nuts about the fractionals (the yellow cheaper BJ 0.50 denoms with the "hot stamp" centers). Personally, I can do without them. Not my thing.

      Let me know what you want to part with and how much (per chip). Where are you from?

      I'll be bold and offer you $380 for the whole mess + shipping via paypal right now to get the ball started. That's about 0.76 per chip.
    7. SwgCrazy
      I have 500 total. $1x160, $5x300, $25x40. Prices i'm not really sure about, haven't done any research.
    8. cgraham86
      Sure! What do you have, and how much per chip are you thinking of letting them go?
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