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Jun 21, 2006
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Pacific Northwest


Faux Clay Nation, from Pacific Northwest

    1. Jondavid66
      Hey buddy! I have many mint 100 denom Paulson GCRs available if you are interested. Looking to trade for some T5000 or just outright sell them. 0.90 per chip plus shipping. Let me know if you're interested!
    2. Kenjidm
      Hey I am new but was linked to this specific forum after asking a question. Can u clarify what GB and GCR means. Lookin at the people interested in this brand (I was looking at pokerchipsonline), people seem happy. I may be interested in helping hit your number or units, looking at a 600 chips in different denominations
    3. QuickSilver75
      Awesome news. Good to know. I feel you when you say you don't have enough time. They are gonna have to add another day to the week or or add 5 hours to each day!
    4. Aarcat78
      I am very interested in 100 yellow faux clays. how much would the total be with shipping to 92703. Thanks!
    5. Thexmenforce
      well since your a fan of fun nites, i thought this might interest you. hes totally not into chips this guy and doesnt know anything about chips, so maybe you could have a deal with him
      here is the link :
      Vintage Collectible Casino Clay Poker Chips 1211pc - eBay (item 360164482670 end time Jun-28-09 10:45:26 PDT)

      he said they already offered him 500$ for the lot. he have another lot with 100chips, but i think they are very rare.
    6. smitty007
      Sure, I can give it a shot, but it varies a lot for used Fun Nites from my experience! Looking at the pictures, the chips & hot stamps look worn on some. In good used condition, I'd probably bet on around $325 including shipping. Here are the ranges I've seen each denom in approximately this shape (from what I can tell) sell for:
      T1: $.90 - $1/chip
      T5: $.50 - $.70/chip
      T25: $.65 - $.80/chip
      T100: $1 - $1.25/chip

      Depending on the actual shape of the chips, these ranges could change a little, but based on what I can see, I would probably lean toward the middle to lower of the range, but please don't quote me on this. I would send an email to GamingOre as he might have a little more insight. As a reference, Excellent condition Fun Nites usually sell for $1.00 - $1.50/chip depending on the denomination (5's usually sell for less than the others from what I've seen).

      What price is the person asking for?
    7. Thexmenforce
      Dear Sir,
      i see that you are an expert in FUN NITES.
      can you tell me what should i pay for these fun nites?
      they are in good to very good used condition.
      here is some pictures. would appreciate your help and expertise.
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    Pacific Northwest
    My Chips:
    1000+ BCC Four Suits customs, 600 BCC GCR's, 500+ Faux Clays
    Dream Chips:
    Custom Original Paulson TH&C Solid Grand Inlay


    Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week...