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May 4, 2018
May 3, 2007
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Well-Known Member, from loooking for chipes xbert

cdnmoose was last seen:
May 4, 2018
    1. Alkaline2525
      Yes I did. I believe I paid already through PayPal. Let me know if you got the money
    2. Alkaline2525
      i do want the 25's - do you still have the 100's? paypal request to alkaline2525@gmail.com
    3. Jondavid66
      Hi.. Saw some of your photos on the Paulson GCR thread. I was hoping you might want to part with some of you T25s or T5000s.

      I'm looking for 10 of the T25 and 55 of the T5k.

      Thanks for considering!

    4. Jhoov2412
      Thanks again!
    5. Jhoov2412
      I tried to PM the other day but your messages were full. Can you let me know what the shipping to New Jersey will be? Thanks
    6. McClain2323
      Tried to message you, your pm box was full. Get back to me when you can.
    7. enough
      The button and the extra chip arrived today - just in time for my game tomorrow night! Thanks man!!
    8. enough
      No worries! I was away last week too - went to Vegas. Good times, but not lucrative ;-) I'll keep my eyes on the mail this week!
    9. Chbyfngr
      Any chance you'd sell your PCA Buttons?
    10. Xhawk
      Thanx for the understanding. Maybe next time. Logging into Paypal now and refund on the way.

    11. enough
      Super sweet. sent via PP. thanks man!
    12. enough
      Howdy! Did the OP from the dealer button thread ever claim the private cardroom button? If not, and if you still have it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands ;-)
    13. Xhawk
      Ok. Glad to help. Where were you located again and what is the shipping cost for a med flat rate box to ya??
    14. Xhawk
      Hey bro ..

      Ok .. just got finished. I have 66 total Paulson racks. Leaving a bit of space for newspaper, I can fit about 15 in a medium flat rate box, and about 21 in a large flat rate box. I just posted over on thechipboard in case you didnt need them or whatever ..(for sale 66 Paulson racks)

      Thanx for the link, but Vegas is fully booked ! 10/23 to 11/2 (quite an extended trip !!). Staying in treasure island the first week and rio the last 3 days. Cant wait !!
    15. Xhawk
      Ok, will do. Like I said, I have about 70 racks total at the moment. A majority of them are Paulson, at least 50+. There are a few others tho. Will sort asap. Ill need to get a priority box when I hit the post office next, not sure when tho. Ill be in Vegas Oct24 to Nov2 so I guess Im going to miss ya. -- will be in touch :)
    16. Xhawk
      Thanx for the vegas tips bro. I dont know if you meant it or not but you responded to my pm by posting on my visitor page, rather than by pm me back lol. Will be booking my trip tomorrow!!

      Also you didnt say about the racks. Ill have them posted on thechipboard by tomorrow either way. I still need to count and sort them. I am also looking to part with my Mt. Airy PA partial rack of chips. 40 $1 20 $2.50 and 10 $5 all gems from the first few months they opened, i go all the time, they still havent replaced them and you cant get mint ones for the last year and a half or longer.

      Finally, considering parting with my Binions collection Have several nice ones, incuding a mega rare error/prototype that I have been holding onto. Not sure yet tho.

      Talk soon,
    17. enough
      i'll keep my fingers crossed - I really want to replace the generic white puck I've been using
    18. enough
      if no one has claimed the private cardroom one I'll take that !
    19. enough
      Oh, sorry man! I totally misread that...
    20. enough
      I'll take your bellagio dealer button off your hands... what's your paypal for the $4?
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