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Ovo's Tropicana Casino Tourney set

8 players Bank $40100 chips 473

ovo, Apr 22, 2017
    • ovo
      Las Vegas, NV 1957 to open , 12th major resort on the strip
      100's from ebay feb 2017, 25's from ebay jan 2017, 500's from ebay, apache , dealer button, two sticks of dice from drumhoss, may 2017, 69 token, 5's from MatB PCF June 2017, rack 5's from ebay june, 2017, some 25 from navels sept 2018

      looking for 3rd edition 100 x 60 - 80, couple racks of dollars would be nice, 500 x 8

      5 x 200 3rd issue
      25 x 120 3rd issue
      100 x 101 (1990's) ncv 2nd issue
      500 x 52 LCV ..............White P29 Dark Green, Orange, Navy 1979 3rd. issue, (hotstamped, .....................................bought in January of 2010
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